Welcome to the 90 day sales course

Section 1: A More Confident Sales Person: 

01 Why do so many sales people fail?

02 What is the most important sale you have to make? 

03 Why do most motivation programs fail? 

04 How long does it take to become a sales professional?

05 What is the best approach to problems? 

06 How can you guarantee your success in sales?

07 How do you build credibility with your customers?

08 How can you separate yourself from your competition? 

09 What is the best way to build a personal relationship? 

10 Why do you lose business?

11 What is the key to selling anybody? 

12 How do you handle rejection? 

13 What is the key to persistence? 

14 How do you approach a new account? 

15 What is a simple method for setting goals? 

16 What are your points of difference?

17 Do you have a sense of urgency? 

18 How do you make people care about you? 

19 Do you feel insecure and worried about sales?

20 What do your expectations have to do with selling?

Section 2:  Negotiate Your Best Price:

21 Why should you spend time reviewing your success? 

22 Are you reluctant to lower your price? 

23 Are you legitimate or do you exaggerate? 

24 How do you react to price shock? 

25 How do you use the higher authority strategy? 

26 What is the good guy – bad guy strategy? 

27 Is that the best you can do? 

28 How did Abraham Lincoln win every case? 

29 Why should you always ask why? 

30 Why you should never make the first offer?

31 Why should you not imply too much flexibility? 

32 When is the best time to make add on sales? 

33 Should you ask for something in return? 

34 How do you respond to a bait and switch? 

35 Why should you never split the difference? 

36 What do people base their decisions on? 

37 How can you have control over the interview? 

38 Why should you be impressed with customers? 

39 Why should you ask for advice? 

40 How can you justify rather than discount? 

Section 3: Master The Art and Science of Selling:

41 How do you get customers to change? 

42 How can you use a choice set up? 

43 What percent of sales people fail due to planning? 

44 What is the one skill that will make you a consultant? 

45 What percent of sales are lost in the first 60 seconds? 

46 Why are most presentations based on the wrong thing? 

47 What is the easiest way to overcome objections? 

48 How many closing strategies do you need? 

49 What percent of sales people follow up? 

50 How many customers do you need? 

51 What questions do you ask to design a presentation?

52 How do you set your price? 

53 What does your price tell your customer? 

54 What is the one skill all successful sales people use?

55 How do you set yourself apart from your competition? 

56 Give me one good reason to buy form you! 

57 How many calls should you be making? 

58 Why should you keep all customer details? 

59 Why should you display an attitude of confidence?

60 How can you control the customers attitude? 

61 Why is the first minute so important? 

62 Why is your mental picture of the sale so important? 

63 Why are personal questions so important? 

64 How can you use suggestive selling? 

65 What are some good attention getting tools? 

66 What do politicians and insurance companies talk about? 

67 How can you put customers on a magic carpet? 

68 How can you appeal to their buying senses? 

69 How do you prepare the customer for a presentation? 

70 How can the customer do the closing? 

71 How do you handle smoke screen objections? 

72 How can a customer buy insurance against failure? 

73 How important is recognition to your customer? 

74 How can you overcome telephone reluctance? 

75 Why shouldn’t you go on the defensive? 

76 When should you deny or admit an objection? 

77 I don’t care about anything but price! 

78 Does the customer expect you to close?

79 When is the best time to close? 

80 When should you stop talking? 

81 Do you cut your price before being asked? 

82 What is the new customer sales process? 

83 How can you take the risk out of selling? 

84 Why is it important for you to sell with focus?

85 When should you use a carefully planned pause? 

86 Is planning important after 10 years of experience? 

87 Is there such a thing as a born sales person? 

88 What do buyers want? 

89 Do you believe in superstitions? 


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