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Improve your selling skills eBooks only 1.99 ea

book - Why do so many sales people fail? by Bob Oros book - The Key to Selling Anybody: Once You Know It and Apply It Sales Will Take Off by Bob Oros Book: Add Value to Every Sale: Using This Technique Could Double Your Profit by Bob Oros Book: The Power of Expectations: To Get What You Want You Must Expect It to Happen  by Bob Oros Book: Make Irresistible Presentations: You Won't Have to Sell Only Help Them Buy  by Bob Oros book: Never Make the First Offer: Instead Ask How Much They Are Willing to Pay  by Bob Oros Book: How to Justify Your Price: Identify Unique Benefits That Increase Value  by Bob Oros Book: Give Me One Good Reason to Buy: How to Identify and Sell Your Unique Sizzle  by Bob Oros Book: Always Assume an Attitude of Confidence: Never Feel Intimidated or Apologetic  by Bob Oros Book: How to Overcome Every Objection: Six Words That Convert Objections to Conversations  by Bob Oros Book: How to Take the Risk Out of Sales: Everything Does Not Depend On a Single Sale  by Bob Oros Book: How to Create Demand for Your Service: Limit the Supply and the Value Goes Up  by Bob Oros Book: How Small Companies Get Big: A Simple Technique That Could Double Your Business by Bob Oros

Ben Franklin's success system eBooks only 1.99 ea

Book: Ben Franklin's program for self improvement Book: Attitude - define what you want and go after it by Bob Oros Book: Respect - earn respect by stepping out of the comfort zone by Bob Oros Book: Service: Help Customers Build Their Business by Bob Oros Book: Urgency - be enthusiastic get things done now by Bob Oros Book:  CONFIDENCE remove restrictions and limitations by Bob Oros Book: PERSISTENCY keep going and never give up by Bob Oros Book: PLANNING To get big results set big goals Book: QUESTIONS Ask questions that make the sale by Bob Oros Book: ATTENTION Make irresistible compelling offers by Bob Oros Book: PRESENTING Give reasons why they should buy by Bob Oros Book: OBJECTIONS Remove every roadblock to the sale by Bob Oros Book: CLOSING Ask for the order and get paid by Bob Oros Book: FOLLOW UP Remove all hope for competitors by Bob Oros

Sales management eBooks only 1.99 ea

Book: Train Your Sales Team for Success: How to Use a Powerful Marketing Technique to Sell the Concepts of Successful Selling by Bob Oros Book: District Sales Manager: How to Raise the Sights of Each Sales Person On Your Team to 6 Million Dollars a Year by Bob OrosBook: Why Sales People Quit: How to Use 3 Simple Techniques to Keep Your Team Motivated Happy and Making Money by Bob Oros Book: Motivate Your Sales Team: How 76 Sales Professionals Stay Motivated and Positive In Spite of Set Backs and Turn Downs by Bob Oros Book: A Sales Career Is the Best Job In the World: 84 Successful Sales Professionals Reveal Why They Chose a Career In Sales by Bob Oros Book: Appreciation Motivation: How to harness the magical power of appreciation. by Bob Oros  Book: Managing Accounts Receivable by Bob Oros Meateater Sales

Advanced selling skills eBooks only 1.99 ea

Book: A More Confident Sales Person... How To Dominate Your Market And Stop Living On Crumbs Left Over By Your Competitors!  by Bob Oros Book: Negotiating Your Best Price... How To Negotiate A Higher Gross Profit On Every Sale, With Every Customer, Starting Right Now!  by Bob Oros Book: How to Master the Art and Science of Selling- Skyrocket Your Self Confidence by Becoming a Master in the Art and Science of Selling  by Bob Oros Book:  More Gross Profit: Increase your gross profit on every sale starting now! by Bob Oros Book: Call Reluctance - Lose those negative feelings keeping you from the success you derserve by Bob Oros Book: Closing the sale: If You Don't Ask: Close the sale and get paid: by Bob Oros Book: Selling Confidential Ben Franklin's little know scientific formula improves selling skills 52% by Bob Oros Book: Attitude Motivation the best kept secret in the world by Bob Oros Book: Market Your Sizzle using a big outrageous shocking positive WOW by Bob Oros Book: Why you can't get a paid speaking engagement by Bob Oros Book: Dominate Your Market Do it yourself sales training for you or your entire sales team by Bob Oros Book: Don't be a victim when buying your next car by Bob Oros

Restaurant consulting eBooks and books

Meatfaqs Questions and Answers about meat products and center of the plate by Bob Oros Book: Food safety - Avoid making someone sick by Bob Oros Book: Restaurant Turnaround Dozens of restaurant turnaround strategies that will show you how to cut your cost and increase revenue starting in 60 minutes by Bob Oros Book: Restaurant Trade Secrets Part One: 25 Restaurant Owners Share Their Keys to Success by Bob Oros restaurant trade secrets part 2 Book: Restaurant Marketing: Old School Techniques That Have Stood the Test of Time by Bob Oros Book: Selling Beef to Restaurants: Little Known Trade Secrets That Will Double Your Sales by Bob Oros Book: Selling Pork to Restaurants: Little Known Trade Secrets That Will Double Your Sales by Bob Oros Book: How to Sell Ground Meats Deli Meats and Sausage to Restaurants by Bob Oros Book: How to Buy and Sell Seafood: What Every Chef Restaurant Owner and Sales Person Should Know About Seafood by Bob Oros Book: Everything you to build a $10,000,000 distributor sales territory or become a highly paid restaurant consultant by Bob Oros Book: Master Foodservice Sales Course by Bob Oros

Distributor marketing and sales training programs...

food service distributor marketing Books: 13 week sales training program by Bob Oros amazon bookstore

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