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How to appeal to today's new consumer with sales and marketing techniques that will make them lean forward and say "I'm interested, tell me more, I'm ready to buy!"

Will you still be around when the surge of business finally comes?

The surge of business will NOT come from more consumer spending.  It will come when you or your competitors close their doors!

I can see it coming!

"We are going to wait until business picks up before we do anything."  The end is near for companies with this kind of mindset!  This kind of thinking is what starts them on their way to lost sales, layoffs and closed doors!  Their days are numbered.  I have seen it before and I am going to see it again!  Soon!

If you are a sales person, business owner or entrepreneur then it is up to YOU to take action NOW!  It is up to YOU to find the solution and make it work TODAY.  What worked a year ago, six months ago, or even one month ago, just doesn't cut it anymore. 

Here's why.  Most consumers have a VERY LIMITED AMOUNT OF "CREDIT AVAILABLE" so they are shopping with CASH.  Since the banks have been charging outrageous credit card interest, over the limit fees, late fees - plus - lowering the limits on home equity loans and credit cards to the point where people can't borrow any money, the landscape has changed, BIG TIME!  

What does this have to do with YOU?  The buying patterns of the average person (your customer) has changed and if you are not changing with them you will simply be history.  Your customers are more savvy, conservative and thrifty than ever before.

If you are one of those people who are going to wait until the recession is over before you start being proactive and doing something about it NOW you might as well close up shop.  You might as well go home, sit on your hands and wait for the bank to come and CLOSE YOUR DOORS!  You can only be one of the survivors by taking a NEW approach!

Here's how.  If you are willing to take a new look at how to sell to today's NEW customer, you will do fine as long as you use BRAND NEW concepts, take a BOLD approach and let your customers know that you are part of their SOLUTION.

What is the solution?  The solution is learning how to approach your customer with a NEW, UP TO DATE, SINCERE selling and marketing strategy.  It is so simple that once you discover it and begin to use it you will be amazed at your results!  Knowing this strategy will change the way you look at EVERY business, EVERY billboard, EVERY television and radio ad, EVERY menu, EVERY marketing piece, EVERY sales presentation,  EVERYTHING YOU BUY OR SELL!

For example: 

Scott Nachatilo, pictured above, a highly successful real estate investor and trainer, increased his response rate from zero to FORTY FIVE PERCENT by simply including this in his offer!  A company in the Midwest used this strategy and within a few months went from a negative growth right back up to a 27% sales increase.  I recently discussed this with a group of 60 restaurant owners and EVERY ONE of them agreed whole heartedly that this was the MAGIC KEY for appealing to today's new customer.  An audience of more than 200 assisted living administrators said this was the most encouraging information they have heard in YEARS!  They now know the enemy.  They know what weapon to use to win the battle!

It's easy to recognize. Once you know what it is and start to identify it IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS, you will say "of course, why didn't I see that before?"  Once you know what it is you will not only know the key to increasing your own sales, you will be able to really help your customers get back on track with more sales and more profits.

I have built this MAGIC KEY into all my sales training seminars and the results are amazing.  I have made this principle the premise for all my association presentations, Chamber of Commerce meetings, special event keynotes and food show seminars and the audience is immediately MOTIVATED to go back to their business and attack their operation with a whole new mindset.  I have implemented this with dozens of small companies and they have kissed the so called recession good bye!

I am going to let you in on a secret.  I know this secret because I travel all over the country and talk with sales people, business owners and entrepreneurs face-to-face, one-to-one.  Here's the secret:  Business as we have known it is never going to be the same.  There is a big shakedown in the works and thousands of companies are going to go by the wayside.  They are run by people who just don't get it.  People who are living in the past!  When they are gone there is going to be an amazing surge of sales for those people who have made the transition.  For those people who are willing to take action NOW and not sit and wait until "after the recession is over!"  Face it.  It is NEVER going to be over.  This is the new economy!

I want you to take action NOW.  I want you to purchase this ebook at this incredible value!  The content in this book or ebook will make a huge difference in your results right now!

I am standing by to help you not only survive, but THRIVE IN THE NEW ECONOMY!

"Your copywriting advice is better than all the high-end copywriting gurus out there. Because it is simple, easy to understand, and eliminates all the hype and teasing commonly found in copywriting info-products. You give clear steps that anyone can do right now."
Seth Holdren, Online Marketing, Nashville, TN


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PS:  Don't wait until it's too late.  It's time to ADJUST.  To be BOLD.  To be CREATIVE.  To start selling like you MEAN BUSINESS!  Order NOW and let me introduce you to the key that will open the door to YOUR new future!

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