help customers build their business

"I have enjoyed the program the past 13 weeks. I will keep reviewing the books every week. There is a lot of great tools in here to help make me a better salesman. Thank you for coming to our company and helping us. You are right that it takes hard work to make it happen. Its funny though when you work harder and things start to happen you feel a lot better about what you are doing and you have fun doing it."
Rich Berven
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Help customers build their business. Your primary goal is to help your customers become more successful. You are not just selling products and services they can buy from any competitor; you will learn how to sell them ideas, consulting services and your personal services.

How to give more service and help customers build their business. This is one of 13 books based on Benjamin Franklin's 13-week self improvement program (Ben Franklin's 13 virtues) that will help you build your customer's business by giving extra service. After reading this eBook and focusing on your primary goal for one week of giving your customers extra service and helping them become more successful your customer relationships will improve starting immediately. You are not just selling products and services they can buy from any competitor, you will be selling them ideas, consulting as well as add on services. 
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