Dear Director of Sales:

Allow me to ask you a personal question:

Are you fed up? Are you tired of laying awake at night worrying about sales? Are you ready to have your sales team hunt down the big clients, outsell the competition, earn the big commissions and stop living in fear of rejection, increasing prices and economic conditions?

If your answer is yes... this is the perfect time to learn about a self teaching sales course that will improve the skills of your entire sales team by 52%.

The reason most sales training doesn't stick is because it is presented without a plan for change and improvement.  In fact, over 70% of the training you or your staff invest in is never implemented.

Before we start lets look at the headlines on this subject from some of the most influential sources of business information:

"A recent survey of business executives indicates that the percent of training programs that are a successful is 30%!"
McKinsey and Company

"Nearly 70% of training aimed at achieving business change do not fully meet their objectives."

"The brutal fact is that 70% of all change initiatives fail." 
Harvard Business Review

"A new study by Forbes has found that less than 30% of training initiatives are successful over the long term."

So there we have it … proof! Approximately 70% of change initiatives fail?

This program addresses the problem head on.  It takes advantage of Benjamin Franklin's little known scientifically proven system and applies it to improving the skills of your sales team. Ben Franklin created the most effective system for self improvement ever invented.  This system is responsible for making him the first self made millionaire in the American Colonies.  Ben Franklin wrote more about this system for learning in his autobiography then any other topic and credits all his success to this system.

Here's how it works.  By focusing on one skill per week and improving it just 4%, you will have an overall improvement of 52% in 13 weeks. Those are results most people only dream about.

Just imagine the additional sales and profits you will have when your sales people experience those dramatic increases in performance.

Each one of the 13 lessons is like a powerful coaching session addressing a single skill with laser focus.  They will show each member of your team how to overcome the following roadblocks that keep your sales team from the success they deserve.  How many do you recognize?

1. Not aggressive in going after sales.

2. Easily lured into the comfort zone.

3. Not helping their customers create sales.

4. Lost their sense of urgency and excitement.

5. The economy has taken a toll on their confidence.

6. Give up too soon on closing new accounts.

7. Not setting big goals that keep them motivated.

8. Not engaging the customer in the sales process.

9. Not making irresistible offers to make the sale.

10. Not giving the customer enough reasons to buy.

11. Becoming discouraged by customer objections.

12. Not closing the sale by asking for the order.

13. Not showing enough appreciation to customers.

The 13 lessons described in the enclosed booklet will catapult you to success as a sales manager!  If your sales people improve 4% in each of the 13 skills their overall improvement will be 52%.

John D. Rockefeller Sr. once said: "The ability to persuade people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun."

Growth is not an option. Sales increases are imperative and that growth must come from a competitor! Now is the time to make sure your sales people are motivated, hungry and aggressive. Now is the time to build a wall around every account. Now is the time to order the course for each member of your sales team.

"I have been selling for 15 years and I have learned more during the last 13 weeks than I have during my entire 15 years in sales."
Greg Nixon

"I just read your lesson, "Handling Rejection - Understand Why". Wow! I started my new business a couple of months ago. I refined my business plan, got leads, did a direct mailing, then I was frozen at the follow up call. I didn't have cold calling, or follow up call experience. Your lesson describes exactly how I feel and it has given me the confidence to act like I now have the right to place that call. Thank you for writing it. I really enjoyed it. And you probably made me lots of money because now I'm going to make my calls."
Mike Ryder

"This course reinforced things I already knew about sales however, it also opened up many entirely new concepts to me. Every lesson was interesting. Your ability to explore what drives both the customer and the salesperson is spot on. There are thousands of “How To Sell” type books, videos and seminars available but I have never experienced one better than yours."
Crocker Smith

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Buy the eBook for only 1.99 and once you see the value of the system, come back and buy a complete set of printed books for each member of your sales team.

eBook only 1.99


PS: On the back cover of each printed book is a carefully worded affirmation.  All you have to do is carry the book with you, or set it on your desk, and read the affirmation at odd moments during the day.  You will be amazed at the progress you will make!
Persistence cover

Set of printed books 90.00