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Why you can't get a paid speaking engagement! 

How a non-celebrity speaker can work less, never make a cold call, never answer the phone, never pay anyone to market them and have a consistent six figure income - guaranteed!

You don’t need this book if…

If you are a best selling author, you don't need to read this.  If you are a celebrity you don't need to read this.  If you are not willing to do the some really hard work and soul searching, you can stop reading now.  I don't want you to waste your time.  If you are a nobody like me, keep reading.

I have seen more speakers fail than probably and other speaker in the business.  I would like to give you the reasons that are not really obvious to most people.  There are certain things you must do and certain skills you must have to be consistently successful in the speaking and consulting business.  Most people who want to become a paid speaker go about it with a totally wrong approach.

Cutting to the chase, I will give you a formula for becoming successful in a business that 97% of the people who try to make it never earn a dime.

For less than a four dollar investment you will learn what took me years and years to learn!

You will learn how to master each one of the following 7 steps...

STEP 1.   You have to have powerful content.

STEP 2.  You have to be a great presenter.

STEP 3.  You need 720 prospects.

STEP 4.  You need to know how to respond. 

STEP 5.  You need to make a proposal. 

STEP 6.  You need to handle the rejection. 

STEP 7.  You need to keep going. 

You will learn the details behind all 7… and if you can master each key, you will become a paid speaker.

eBook only 1.99

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