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Steak FAQs

How do you figure the portion cost of an 8 oz rib eye steak?

By Bob Oros

There are several more complicated ways of doing a cutting test, however, this is very simple and easy to use.

Many tests add the trimmings and miscuts back into lower the finished cost. By doing it this way there is a small cushion to allow for any errors.

If the Rib Eye weighs 10 lbs and the fat and miscuts total to 4 lbs, the yield will be 6 lbs or 60%. If the cost is $4.50 lb and we add $1.00 labor, the total will be $5.50. Divide $5.50 by 60% and the finished cost is $9.16 per pound.

The portion cost would be...

6 oz = $3.44
8 oz = $4.58
14 oz = $8.02