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Steak FAQs

What is the cooked yield on a 20 lb inside round?

By Bob Oros

Finding the portion cost of roast beef.

If we start with an inside round that weighs 20 lbs and trim off 4 lbs of fat and have a cooking loss of 4 lbs the net weight will be 12 lbs. By dividing the gross weight by the net weight, we will have the percent of yield, which is 60%. If the inside rounds cost is $2.50 lb and we add the $1 labor, the total is $3.50. We then divide $3.50 by the 60% yield and we will have a finished cost of $5.83 lb. To figure the portion cost we find the price per ounce and multiply it by the portion size. This would also be a good test to see if it is more cost efficient to buy a precooked inside round.