Artificial coloring


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Artificial coloring

Is there any artificial coloring added to farm raised salmon?

Farmed salmon that have been raised in pens have white flesh instead of pink.  The farm raised salmon is not exposed to the natural foods that color the flesh of wild salmon pink so fish farmers are now adding synthetic pigment to the domesticated salmon's diet to give them the same pink color.

Norway and Chile are the leading suppliers of farmed salmon. At one time Atlantic salmon were so plentiful that they were used as fertilizer.  Now they are almost fished out, and few commercial fishermen are able to reach even half their quota. 

Salmon is still among the top ten selling seafood items and you more than likely have them in stock.  Since it is an item that will vary in price, the best advice to give your customer about menu pricing is to use the highest cost they had over the past 12 to 18 months as their base price.  If the price goes down they can have a special without having to change their menu price.