Shrimp yeild test


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Shrimp yeild test

What is the true price difference between a green headless and breaded shrimp?

Green headless shrimp have a yield of around 75%.  In a five pound box of shrimp there will be 15% shells, 5% pieces and 5% waste, leaving a net weight of 3.75 lbs. 

3.75 lbs divided by 5 lbs is 75%. Using a cost per pound of $5.10 for green headless and a minimum labor factor of 25 cents per pound the total cost would be $5.35. 

Divide $5.35 by the 75% yield and the cost of the P & D (peeled & deveined) is $7.13.

The next step in the process would be to figure the cost of the breaded product.

To make 10 lbs of lightly dusted (30% breading) we would use 7 lbs of shrimp at $7.13 lb totaling $49.91, and 3 lbs of breading at 30 cents per pound totaling 90 cents, for a grand total of $50.81 for the 10 pounds, or $5.08 lb.

The bottom line "rule of thumb" is that a green headless costing $5.10 lb will end up costing about the same after taking away the shells, pieces, and waste and adding back the breading. In most cases it is better to buy them already breaded.