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Snow Crab Clusters
Snow Crab Meat

Snow crab are caught as far north as the Arctic Ocean, from Newfoundland to Greenland and north of Norway in the Atlantic Ocean, and across the Pacific Ocean, including the Sea of Japan, the Bering Sea, the Gulf of Alaska, Norton Sound, and even as far south as California for Chionoecetes bairdi.

The snow crab is a member of the spider crab family. Snow crabs can grow to about 5 lbs and 2 ft in length.

Snow Crab Legs are not only easy to cook, but also easy to eat. Snow Crab Legs are typically from the Alaskan seaboard and a smaller cousin to the King Crab. Snow Crabs are sold pre-cooked and frozen. You can actually just thaw and eat.

The reason they are sold cooked is because the meat would not seperate from the shell if they were frozen without cooking first.

Fishing for crab has been the focus of the second half of all six seasons of Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel.