Salmon, Chinese Chum


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Salmon, Chinese Chum


There are 7 species of Pacific salmon and one variety of Atlantic salmon. The later have less flavor because they are farm raised. Thus the real difference in flavor is between wild salmon and the farm raised salmon. The farm raised salmon is lower in Omega 3s. The Cooper river is one of the many rivers in Alaska, that Salmon spawns in. This river being in the far North is cold with 300 miles of spawning territory. All these factors combine to nice fatty, Omega 3s rich Salmon with firm flesh. Sockeye Salmon, another variety, is best found in the Southeastern arm of China Poot Bay, four miles South of Homer Spit.

Salmon is a very nutritionally high value fish. They are high in Omega 3s. This keeps the fat fluid at low temperature and gives flexibility to cell membranes. Omega 3s is used to make hormones that keep the blood from clotting abnormally or excessive inflammation. Salmon therefore is good for heart patients.

Quingdao is the center of China's seafood reprocessing industry. US exports of frozen chums to China have gone up every year. This processing can not be done in the US at a competitive rate. The Chinese give them a cost and take care of everything else.

China has long been consuming seafood and the Chinese have always enjoyed a traditional diet of food. They take fish as a good source of protein intake. The Chinese economy has undergone a tremendous change in the last few years. It has changed from a sluggish to a fast moving market oriented one. So consumption of seafood have also gone up. China has always been one of the major fish producing countries in the world. It has also started exporting a variety of fish, an important one being China Salmon.

China has always been a major fish producing country in the world. In recent years, more attention has been given to developing the technologies of the fishery industry. In recent times, among the major seafood products, Atlantic salmon forms a very important part. Salmon accounts for the highest percentage in terms of value and volume in the seafood industry trade. In the last ten years, salmon has been the largest seafood product exported to China.

The varieties of salmon in China are Shanghai, Bejing, Guangzhou & Norwegian salmon. These varieties are processed and shipped to various parts of the world market. So China salmon features as one of the major seafood products in the fishing industry today.