Orange Roughy, New Zealand Shatter Pack


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Orange Roughy, New Zealand Shatter Pack


The supply for the Orange Roughy has started to dwindle as the prices have gone up in the last 2 decades.  It is a deep water species and slow to grow and reproduce.  Normally packed in a shatter pack case.

The New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries has reduced catch quotas each year because the species' maturation and reproduction rates have been repeatedly overestimated.

The orange roughy fish When first discovered off of New Zealand, was known as slimehead. The FDA allowed the change of the name, to improve the marketing of the orange roughy fish.

Found only in the deep cold waters (700 fathoms) of New Zealand and Australia, the age of the orange roughy fish caught is 30 to 50 years old.

Uncooked orange roughy will have a pearly white meat, with the skin side sometimes showing a orange to brown color. The moist, mild and delicate flavor of the orange roughy has made it very popular.

The moderate oil content that the orange roughy has helps it to retain moisture when cooking. Orange roughy can prepared in many ways, just make sure not to overcook it.

It adapts well to many sauces and seasonings, as long as they are not overpowering. You would not want to cover up the delicate flavor of this fish.