Pollock, Chinese Twice Frozen IQF 100% Net Weight


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Pollock, Chinese Twice Frozen IQF 100% Net Weight
Pollock, Alaskan Wild Caught Once Frozen



Pollock is the common name used for a species of marine fish. Other names include the Atlantic pollock, European pollock, lieu jaune, lytheand is sometimes known as Boston blues, coalfish, Silver Bills or saithe.

Pollock can grow to 3 ft 6 in (1.07 m) and can weigh up to 46 lb (21 kg). The fish has a strongly-defined silvery lateral line running down the sides. Above the lateral line the color is a greenish black. The belly is white. It can be found in water up to 100 fathoms (180 m) deep over rocks, and anywhere in the water column. They have a range from North Carolina up to the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Pollock is a "whitefish". They are an important part of the New England and North Atlantic fisheries, though less so than cod and haddock. They spawn in late winter and early spring on Georges Bank, off the New England coast.