Pork FAQs

NAMP 412 Prime Rib of Pork

By Bob Oros

Prime Rib of Pork... 

Take the rib section (consisting of 11 ribs) out of a 14/17 pork loin, gently marinate it with approximately 12% of a lightly seasoned marinate to keep it moist, cut off the back bone so you can cut between the ribs, and you have a menu item that guarantees a great eating experience. 

When you slice between the ribs you have a portion size of 8 to 9 ounces at a cost of around $1.80.  Add a potato, vegetable and salad for an additional $.50 cents and you have a total plate cost of only $2.30.  Here’s the best part: with a menu price of only $7.95 the food cost is less than 30% and the gross profit is $5.65 per plate. 

It gets better.  Sell 200 per week (10,000 per year) for a total gross sales $79,500.  Cost $23,000.  Total Gross Profit $56,500.  This is an example of the power of a carefully selected menu item that will give the restaurant customer a good value at gross profit that can really make a difference.  Even with a dollar off special, it will still return a very nice gross profit.