Pork FAQs

NAMP 422 Back ribs

By Bob Oros

Back ribs are the bones from a pork loin available in several sizes from a 1.2 dn to 2.5lb.  A baby back rib refers to a rib weighing approximately 1.5 lbs or less..

Backribs are sized by weight.  The larger the size the lower the cost.

1.5    -  1.75  meaning between 1.5 lbs and 1.75 lbs
1.75  -  2
1.75  -  2   skinless*
2.25  -  2.50
2.25  -  2.50

Skinless means that the thin film attached to the bones has been removed.  Removing this keeps the rib from "curling up" on the grill.  Raises the price slightly.

Danish Style means the hog was smaller resulting in a smaller size backrib.  In Denmark the hogs are not grown as large as they are in the US.



meat side

untrimmed skin on