NAMP 1410 Bone in chops

By Bob Oros

A bone in pork chop is cut from the loin.  The best quality is from the center to the loin 

You can also buy an end to end bone in chop where the end chops are left in.  It makes a very poor menu item as the end chops can be as much as 50% bone.

The chops pictured are from the center going towards the rib end.  It they were going towards the loin end the tenderloin would start to show up and it would resemble a Porterhouse steak.

An "end to end" is the entire pork loin cut into chops
A "bone in end cut" one quarter of each end cut into chops.  Sometimes called a "quarter loin chops."

Bone In Center Cut 4oz
Bone In Center Cut 5oz
Bone In Center Cut 4oz
Bone In Porterhouse 12oz
End to End, 1/2"
Bone In End Cut 1/2"