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Beef Foodservice Cuts

Beef Tenderloin, IMPS/NAMP 189, 190, 191, & 192

Street name - PSMO

By Bob Oros

dot-051-beef-ternerloin.gif (7471
 bytes)Due to exceptional taste and tenderness Beef Tenderloin is a menu superstar because of the profit potential. This highly valued cut profits endless menu variations.

Ordering and Purchasing Information

Cuts from the 189, 190, 191 and 192 tenderloin series can be specified. Each number includes more specific cutting, trimming and boning specifications. Netting or Tying Specifications are also included.

The #189 is most tender cut in the carcass:
• Tenderloin Full, IMPS/NAMP 189 -- Surface fat not to exceed 3/4".
• Tenderloin, Full, Side Muscle On, Defatted (PSMO), IMPS/NAMP 189A -- All surface fat removed; attached side muscle and silver skin remain.
Further fabricated version of the #189
• Tenderloin, Full, Side Muscle Off, Defatted IMPS/NAMP 190 Same as 189A minus the side muscle.
• Tenderloin, Full, Side Muscle Off, Skinned IMPS/NAMP 190A Same as 190 minus the silver skin.
• Tenderloin, Butt IMPS/NAMP191
• Tenderloin, Butt, Defatted IMPS/NAMP 191A
• Tenderloin, Butt, Skinned IMPS/NAMP 191B
• Tenderloin, Butt, Short IMPS/NAMP 192
• Tenderloin Tails, IMPS/NAMP 192A
The #189, 190 and #191 are boneless roasts that can be easily fabricated into portion steaks.

Subprimal Purchasing Tip
When purchasing the tenderloin, remember to consider final yield instead of price-per-pound. Cuts costing more per pound may actually be better buys once you account for labor and lost fat-weight. Why pay the same price for fat as for lean.

Tenderloin Lexicon
The following definitions will help you "speak beef," especially when ordering tenderloin:
• PSMO: Another name for the full tenderloin with the side muscle on and all outside fat removed. IMPS/NAMP 189
• Silver Skin: Connective tissue that surrounds the major tenderloin muscle.
• Peeled: All outside fat and connective tissue removed.
• Middle Meats: rib and loin cuts