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Beef Foodservice Cuts

Beef Loin, Top Sirloin Cap, IMPS/NAMP 184D

Street Name - Sirloin Cap

By Bob Oros

dot-048-top-sirloin-cap.gif (3006
 bytes)Beef Top Sirloin Cap, often known as the Coulotte, provides a point of differentiation on the menu while still offering customers the beef they love.

Ordering and Purchasing Information

Top Sirloin Cap, IMPS/NAMP 184D
A boneless, flat triangle-shaped muscle (biceps femoris) that is part of the Top Sirloin Butt. It is removed from the top butt by cutting through the natural seam.

Top Sirloin Cap Steak, Boneless, IMPS/NAMP 1184D
This steak, also referred to as the Coulotte Steak, is prepared from the #184D. The boneless steaks shall be made into specified portion size or thickness by slicing the sirloin cap at a right angle to the grain or direction of the muscle fibers.