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Beef FAQs

044 Beef Round, Bottom Round, IMPS/NAMP 170, 170A, 171B

Street name - Bottom Round - aka - Gooseneck

By Bob Oros

Beef Bottom Round is a full flavored cut that is lower in price. It offers operators value and numerous hearty menu applications.

Ordering and Purchasing Information
Cuts in the IMPS/NAMP 170 and 171 series include specific cutting, trimming and boning specifications. Netting or tying Specifications are also included.

The #170 Bottom Round (Gooseneck) is removed from the primal beef round (IMPS/NAMP 158) and contains the eye, outside round (flat) and the heel. This cut is often referred to as the gooseneck.

The #170A Bottom Round (Gooseneck), Heel Out is the same as the #170 with the heel muscle removed. It still contains the eye and outside round (flat).

The #171B Outside Round (Flat) is cut from the bottom round with the heel, eye, bones, cartilage and heavy connective tissue removed. Because it is leaner, the flat has a higher cooked yield than the gooseneck.