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Beef Foodservice Cuts

Beef Back Ribs, IMPS/NAMP 124

Street name - Beef Back Ribs

By Bob Oros

beef-back-ribs.jpg (25914
 bytes)Beef Back Ribs are old favorites providing a full-flavored rib that lends itself to spicy sauces from the traditional smoky barbecue sauce to a variety of ethnic flavors and seasonings.

Ordering and Purchasing Information

Beef Back Ribs consist of 7 ribs from the rib section, including the meat between the rib bones. The chine bone and feather bones are removed, exposing the sawed ends of the rib bones.
Unless otherwise specified, Back Ribs are 6 to 8 inches wide at any point, measured across the sawed ends of the rib bones. Back ribs are also cut in half to make 3-4 inch rib bones for additional menuing possibilities.