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Beef Foodservice Cuts

Beef Short Ribs, IMPS/NAMP 123 & 130

Street name Beef Short Ribs

By Bob Oros

beef-short-ribs.jpg (23612
 bytes)Beef Short Ribs are old favorites. Providing a rich, deep flavor, short ribs lend themselves to a variety of ethnic flavors becoming the star item on trendy menus.

Ordering and Purchasing Information
Short Ribs contain at least 2 but no more than 5 ribs (ribs 6 through 10). The diaphragm muscle and heavy connective tissue are removed. Short ribs are frequently cut into individual pieces. They are also cut across the bone into thick or thin crosscut pieces and can be ordered boneless.

Cuts in the IMPS/NAMP 123 series include specific cutting , trimming and boning specifications. Netting or Tying Specifications are also included.

Beef Short Ribs, IMPS/NAMP 123 -- This item consists of the rib section from any rib and/or plate item and contains at least 2 but no more than 5 ribs. The purchases shall specify the number of ribs and width (distance between the dorsal and ventral sides) of the rib sections.

Beef Chuck, Short Ribs, IMPS/NAMP 130 -- This chuck cut contains rib numbers 2 through 5, the meat between the rib bones and the single muscle lying on top of the bones. This item is trimmed practically free of surface fat.