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Beef Foodservice Cuts

Beef Chuck, Shoulder Clod, IMPS/NAMP 114

Street name - Shoulder Clod

By Bob Oros

shoulder-clod-steak.jpg (11435
 bytes)Shoulder Clod offers operators value. The shoulder clod is an economical cut that offers numerous hearty entrees.

Ordering and Purchasing Information

The #114 Shoulder Clod weighs 13 to 21 pounds and contains two major muscle groups.

The #114E Should Clod, Arm Roast consists of the large muscle system of the thick end of the clod including the Triceps Brachii muscles. This cut weighs from 8 to 12 pounds. The #114E can be menued as pot roast or a mock brisket and is often referred to as the Short Clod or Clod Heart.

Beef Chuck, Shoulder Clod, Shoulder (Petite) Tender IMPS/NAMP 114F, PSO1
A tender, juicy muscle that rests on the shoulder near the top blade, the Petite Tender offers versatility and upscale plate presentation similar to beef tenderloin (filet mignon).

Ordering and Purchasing Information

The IMPS/NAMP 114F, PSO1 Petite Tender, is prepared from Item No. 114 by separating the Teres Major muscle from the shoulder clod by cutting through the natural seam. This individual muscle is peeled and denuded and the surface membrane must be removed. Thickness varies from ½” to 1”.
Portion Sizes: 12 to 16 ounces