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Beef General Information

Why Is it Called A "Gooseneck?”

By Bob Oros

dot-010-gooseneck-pic.jpg (4525
 bytes)The Best Kept Secret In The Meat Business.. Not many people know why it has such an unusual name. Back in the old days sides of beef were delivered through the front door of the butcher shop. When the meat cutter was ready to cut it up they brought the round out and laid it on the cutting block. As they separated the bottom round from the hind leg they would grab it by the "Gooseneck" and proceed to cut it off. As you can see by the drawing the bottom round looks like a goose. If you look in your meat buyers guide you will see a 171 Gooseneck, which has the heel left in, and a 171A , which has the heel taken out. A 171B has both the heel and the Eye of Round removed and is called an Outside Round, commonly referred to as a "Flat."