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Beef General Information


What is a “Portion Cut”?

By Bob Oros

portion-cut-steaks.jpg (17709 bytes)The end-user who buys boxed beef will still have to cut the subprimals into individual steaks.   Not every restaurant wants to do this, especially restaurants who don’t sell a lot of steaks or those that have cooks rather than chefs.  They would rather buy their steaks individually cut and portion-sized.  This eliminates the labor and the risk in cutting their own.  This is known as a “portion cut”.

Our distributors, in many cases will buy the subprimals (ex: tenderloins), remove the vacuum packaging, cut the tenderloins into fillets, and then re-seal them in vacuum packaging, and put them into 10 pound boxes.  In many cases (not all), the individual portion steaks are frozen, so the end-user can slack them out as they need them.  When the distributor portions the steaks, they can charge a premium for the service, and it creates a point of difference for them.