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Catapult your sales team to the top 10% of DSRs in the industry and bring new hires up to speed in record time!

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This Master Foodservice Sales Course takes your sales team through 13 stages:

  master foodservice sales course

1. Adjust your attitude to one of service.

2. Learn to deal with every conceivable selling situation.

3. Learn to select accounts and organize your territory.

4. Learn what your sales manager expects of you.

5. Learn to organize and prioritize your activities.

6. Selling to the 27 foodservice segments.

7. Discover the various things that effect food cost.

8. Learn how to be a food safety expert.

9. Help customers market their restaurant.

10. Help customers keep their staff motivated.

11. Analyze a menu and suggest improvements.

12. 10 case studies of successful chain restaurants.

13. Over 100 Center of the Plate topics covered.

If you are willing to invest 30 minutes of study per day for 90 to 120 days, you will blow the lid off your sales and your confidence will skyrocket!

"Excellent, comprehensive guide to the industry as seen through the eyes of a veteran. A great program for the novice as well as the seasoned professional. I learned more in the two months with your course than I did after 4 years in sales."

frank iessi

Frank Iessi, DSR, North Carolina

"I have spent the last 20 years as Executive Chef – last 26 years cooking professionally (Tampa, Boston, NYC, New Hampshire, Colorado, North Carolina) and have spent the entire time on the “buying” side.  Being on the selling side is a much bigger challenge than anticipated.  Your curriculum proved that no matter how much experience you may have, you must learn and apply the information in this course to stay competitive."

parker j stafford

Parker J. Stafford, Executive Chef turned DSR

foodservice sales course certificate

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"You Can't Describe a Place You've Never Been"

 Bob Oros, Bob Oros Sales Training

This Master Foodservice Sales Course was created by Bob Oros whose reputation and extensive training have touched nearly every distributor in the industry.  All the material is continuously updated by the thousands of professionals who have gone through the training and contributed their feedback and ideas.


This Master Foodservice Sales Course includes 4 manuals with a total of 400 pages of industry specific content, a 200 page workbook that guides you step-by-step through the course, hundreds of contributions from industry professionals, 10 hours of audio and a certificate when the course is completed.

"BECAUSE OF YOUR FOODSERVICE SALES COURSE I have opened up 5 new accounts in the last 3 weeks. Each account is an "A" account generating a minimum of $2,000 a week and as much as $8,000 a week. I recently placed second in a division focus sale on bacon with a whooping 400% of my goal. I have totally embraced your selling methods and have created a whirlwind of sales with my new found confidence. I would sincerely like to thank you for creating this extremely valuable course."

foodservice sales course

Zeb Levister, Distributor Sales Rep

Module 1: Increase sales earn more profits

more gross profit, increase your gross profit on every sale

Designed for distributor sales people who are selling the same products sold by their competitors with price being one of the key issues.

It took 7 years to create the original content in this “industry specific” manual.  Interviews with 507 purchasing managers were conducted to discover how they made their buying decisions. Their feedback was used to create the most powerful selling and negotiating course available in the industry.

“I have put to use all of your selling strategies and in 13 weeks increased my sales 22.1% and my profit 111%.”
Marty Miller, Distributor Sales Rep

Module 2: Be worth at least $2,000 per day

foodservice consultant

Over 100 techniques that will make you worth $2,000+ per day to your customers!  You will be able to show your customers how to motivate their staff, identify and market their sizzle, save thousands on their food cost, beef up their menu, run a safer operation, and implement the specific steps to restaurant success.

Your confidence and commissions will shoot through the roof.  These trade secrets are the results of visiting 3,759 restaurants in all 50 states and presenting to thousands of restaurant owners at distributor and state food shows.

"This was by far the best and most pertinent sales training we have ever had and is being put into practice every day.”
David Hamel, Director of Training

Module 3: Build a ten million dollar territory

territory management

This information is for everyone who wants to better manage the details of their business. You will learn how to set your sights on a ten million dollar territory, how to sell every category, hundreds of veteran sales people will share their secrets about staying motivated and keeping your receivables current, plus much, much more.

“Your training gave our people some of the most powerful tools I’ve ever seen for measurable improvements.”
Roger Skillman, Director of Foodservice Marketing

Module 4: Increase the size of every order

center of the plate

Over 50% of a restaurant’s food cost is "center of the plate."  This manual will show you how to become the most valuable person calling on your customers!  There are answers to 137 questions about how to sell meat products.  This information is easy to read, easy to understand and most importantly, easy to implement. It’s good for veterans as well as someone new to the industry.

“In my opinion your center of the plate manual is even more valuable to a sales person than the meat buyers guide.”
Bob Wells, Director of Foodservice Marketing

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 Regular price is $397.  Special price is $197.