6 Powerful Selling, Marketing and Copywriting Secrets Revealed in a 200 Page 1938 Training Manual

You are about to become a MASTER IN THE ART OF SELLING, MARKETING AND COPYWRITING.  All the conflicting information you have learned about persuading people to buy will fade away and you will start selling, marketing and writing with surgical precision.

Dear Sales and Marketing Professional:

Thirty-five years ago I discovered a 1938 sales manual written right after the Great Depression in the mid 1930s. This manual demonstrated how to create a step-by-step plan resulting in a 500% sales increase for my business.   Over the years the information in this manual helped me achieve a whirlwind of other successes that would have been impossible without it. 

The way we do business has certainly changed from what it was a century ago, however, the selling techniques are EXACTLY THE SAME! The only problem is there are too many WELL MEANING "EXPERTS" telling us that everything is different.  That we have to "change with the times."   Instead of constant "change" what if you could find certain selling techniques that are "timeless" and by perfecting them in yourself you would be a true master of selling?

I am going to let you in on a secret.

I review every new book published on the topic of sales and copywriting. I am always on the lookout for something new. However, locked away in my safe I have the worn out pages of a sales training manual written in 1938.

I have owned this manual for 35 years. When I read the first chapter on planning I put together MY OWN PLAN and increased the sales of my company 500%! A few years later I used the same principles to increase the sales at a distribution company over 100%. Every success in sales and business I have ever had can be traced back to the "stories" in this amazing manual.  They really "stuck" with me.

"My name is Kevin Napper. I am a District Sales Manager for Bari Italian Foods. I had the privilege of reading this manual written a long time ago. I think what surprised me the most was the connection that I have with all the stories and lessons in the book and how even now we face the same challenges as they did back then. I think this is a must read for every sales and marketing person. young or old. This book brings home the true principles of selling and marketing. Just like my old baseball coach use to say, get back to the Basics. The game may change and the players may change but the right way to do something always stays the same. I’m hoping Bob will find some more gems in the attic."

Kevin Napper
District Sales Manager

You Will Discover How To Dramatically Increase Your Sales TODAY Using Forgotten Techniques From This 1938 Sales Manual.

Once I started reading I became so intrigued I went back to my hotel and read it cover to cover, non-stop.  The examples were amazing, The stories were hypnotic. The lessons were crystal clear.  EVERY TIME I READ THE MANUAL AGAIN MY SALES SHOW A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE!

This manual has been an inspiration to me for more than 3 decades.  It is completely out of print and impossible to find.  I have preserved my copy and I am now making it available for you.

You will discover how they sold the benefits of "dustless coal." How the origin of "forced distribution" was conceived by a clever sales person selling crayons to a Catholic School Nun.  How they would engage the prospect by hiring an artist to create customized sales presentations.   Why you are doomed to fail if you don't plan.  The amazing thing about these strategies and techniques is the fact that they are timeless.

This manual is so engaging you will put a do-not-disturb sign on your door while you take a journey into the twilight zone of selling and learn some incredible sales, marketing and copywriting techniques along the way.

I am now making this VERY SPECIAL manual available to you.

I didn't want to retype the manual and possibly distort any of the original information, so I scanned in all 200 pages .

If you know me, you know I would never sell anything that I did not thoroughly believe in. If you were my own brother or sister and asked me for the ONE BOOK on selling you should read - this is the ONE.

The manual will take you step-by-step and story-by-story through the entire selling process...

That's right - STORIES!

The author of this manual knew how to make the emotional connection with the reader and motivate them to use the techniques. It's like watching a great movie that stays with you for weeks - only this movie increases your sales!

Will demonstrate how it is IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL when nothing is left to chance. You will become intrigued by the story of how a sixty day plan was put together by a salesman for a coal supplier to close one of the largest orders of the times. You will learn to implement a system that will GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS. Your competitor won't have a chance in the world from the moment you start to use it.

Will show you how to completely reverse the attitude of a customer who literally slams the door shut, into one who says "sure, I'll listen to what you have to say with an open mind. Come in and tell your story."

Will show you how to make your presentation so irresistible that you won't have to sell, but instead, help your customers buy. By applying this MAGIC KEY your customers and prospects will almost seem to be in a hypnotic state, hanging on your every word.

You will discover the valuable lesson of how to get people to buy from you on the basis of pure confidence. You will learn how and why confidence in you nourishes the root of every sale and how it swings the mind of the most hesitant buyer. Leave this deliberate step in the sales process out and you are doomed to fail.

Will show you the ATTITUDE necessary to overcome objections as well as a step-by-step plan to develop it in your selling style. Once you discover this powerful technique you will never fear a buyers objections again and you will learn how to STAND RIGHT UP AND FIGHT FOR THE ORDER, THEN AND THERE!

You will read an amazing story that will show you how to close every sale using a technique that is completely disarming to your customer. You will learn a closing process that is so NATURAL you will close on the first call EVERY TIME. Unlike the amateur who still suffers with the delusion that he has accomplished something when he just "drops in" for a friendly call, you will know how to close and GET THE ORDER!

Here is what the techniques in this manual did for me...

Several years ago when I first started reading this 1938 sales manual I knew I had found something that was incredibly powerful. Up until that time I had tried several different sales jobs without much success. However, once I started applying the 12 principles in this manual everything changed.

I was living near Boston with my wife and two young children while working as a department manager in a supermarket. Once I started reading the information in the manual I moved to Maine and bought a company that was about to go out of business. Using the sales techniques in the manual I completely turned the company around.

A 500% Increase!

After 5 years and a 500% increase in sales I sold the company, retired at a very young age and moved to Florida. After a few months of boredom I went to work as a sales rep for a distribution company in Orlando. I applied the selling principles in the manual and was soon promoted to sales manager. After two years I was promoted to General Manager with full profit and loss responsibility for a 50 million dollar a year distribution center.

After a 100% increase in sales at the distribution center I left and went to work for a Fortune 200 Company as the Central Florida sales rep. Again, applying the principles in the manual I moved through the ranks from sales rep to area manager to regional manager and then moved to Oklahoma City to become their national sales manager. During my best year my personal sales exceeded 30 million dollars. Again, accomplished by applying the principles I learned from this very powerful manual.

In 1992 I decided to start my own sales training company which I soon learned has a 97% failure rate. Wanting to expand the original content of the sales manual I interviewed 507 professional buyers with annual purchasing responsibilities ranging from $500,000 to more than half a billion dollars. As I traveled the country presenting my sales seminars, I further interviewed 3,759 small business owners over a 7 year period in all 50 states and as far away as New Zealand. I also visited over 400 manufacturing and distribution companies as well as presented these principles to more than 2,000 audiences. The feedback was incredibly insightful.

These TECHNIQUES are still part of every seminar I present. Many times people in the audience hear them for the first time and believe they are new. They are new - to them - but these techniques have truly STOOD THE TEST OF TIME.  THEY MAY BE NEW TO YOU AS WELL.   Or, they may remind you of what the 12 most important selling techniques are, and motivate you to USE THEM.
This long-lost manual SHOULD have been available in your local bookstore located on the shelf between "The Greatest Salesman in the World" and "Think and Grow Rich."

Even today I continue to earn awards and recognition for INTERNET MARKETING AND ADVERTISING using the timeless lessons taught in this manual.

You can own this one-of-a-kind manual by making a small investment and downloading it immediately.

Don't put this off and lose the competitive advantage you will have by mastering these 12 techniques NOW. This is a one-of-a-kind manual and is not available from any other source at any price.

 8.5 x 11 Paperback 200 pages