The Top 50 food service distributors in the US need 10 billion in additional sales to reach their 10% growth projection!

$100 Billion  Top 50 total sales
X  10%         Projected growth
$10 Billion    Top 50 total growth needed

The industry is not growing anywhere near 10%.

That means the Top 50 must take away an average of $10,000,000 from 1,000 small to mid size distributors, or buy them, to reach their sales objectives. If you wait until you become a target of these competitors it may be too late.

Leveraging my 25 years of training foodservice sales people I have created a unique sales and marketing program available only for foodservice distributors in certain geographical areas.  This program will raise $43,200 from your vendors, increase your sales immediately by 20%, give you a tool that will double your account base and show you how to present 384 new items to your current customers every year.

What I have to show is so simple and so unique it is impossible to send you a PDF, or direct you to a webpage.  I would like to FedEx you complete details and a sample of what I have created.

Email your complete FedEx mailing address and I will be happy to send the information.

Thanks again...
Bob Oros, President and Founder of Food Service Distributor Marketing, Inc.