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a more confident sales person negotiating your best price master the art and science of selling  More Gross Profit: Increase your gross profit on every sale starting now! by Bob Oros Call Reluctance: Lose those negative feelings keeping you from the success you derserve by Bob Oros Closing the sale: If You Don't Ask: Close the sale and get paid: by Bob Oros Selling Confidential by Bob Oros Attitude Motivation the best kept secret in the world by Bob Oros Staying Motivated by Bob Oros Appreciation Motivation: How to harness the magical power of appreciation. by Bob Oros Market Your Sizzle using a big outrageous shocking positive WOW by Bob Oros Managing Accounts Receivable by Bob Oros District sales manager by Bob Oros Ben Franklin's Scientific Program for Prosperity and Self Improvement by Bob Oros Why you can't get a paid speaking engagement by Bob Oros Restaurant Turnaround by Bob Oros Open your restaurant by Bob Oros  attitude ebook respect: earn respect by being an expert ebook service: help customers build their business urgency: be enthusiastic get things done confidence: remove restrictions and limitations persistence: keep going and never give up planning: to get big results set big 
goals questions: ask questions that make the sale attention: make irresistible compelling offers presenting: give reasons why they should buy objections: remove every roadblock to the sale closing: ask for the order and get paid follow up: remove all hope for competitors

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