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Are you fed up?  Are you tired of laying awake at night worrying about sales?  Are you ready to hunt down the big clients, outsell the competition, earn the big commissions and stop living in fear of rejection, increasing prices and economic conditions?  If your answer is yes... NOW is the time to learn about a program that will improve the skills of your sales team 52%.

With every spare minute taken up by reading blogs, logging on to Facebook, following people on Twitter, responding to text messages and emails and constantly talking on a cell phone, there seems to be little time left for learning new skills.  Even the quiet time behind the wheel of your car is no longer available with satellite radio and cell phone coverage in every corner of the country.

Even though this seems like a new problem, distractions have been around forever.  Nearly 300 years ago Benjamin Franklin had the same problem.  He concluded that it was not a matter of distractions as much as a matter of focus.  He set out to solve the problem and created the most effective system for self improvement ever invented.

The reason most sales training doesn't stick is because it is presented without a method of implementation.

This program takes advantage of Franklin's scientifically proven system and applies it to improving your skills as a sales professional.  By focusing on one skill per week and improving it just 4%, you will have an overall improvement of 52% in 13 weeks.  Those are results most people only dream about.

Invest 10 minutes per week reading a lesson and then focus on improving that one skill during the week.

Each lesson is like a powerful coaching session that will make your sales team unstoppable!
  1. Define what you want and go after it.

  2. Earn respect no more comfort zone.

  3. Help customers build their business.

  4. Be enthusiastic get things done now.

  5. Remove restrictions and limitations.

  6. Keep going and never give up.

  7 Get big results by setting big goals.

  8. Ask questions that make the sale.

  9. Get attention with irresistible offers.

10. Give reasons why they should buy.

11. Remove every roadblock to the sale.

12. Ask for the order and get paid.

13. Remove all hope for competitors.

Improve 4% in each of the above 13 skills and your overall improvement will be 52%.

These skills will improve your attitude towards selling and catapult you to success!

You might be complaining that it's difficult when customers are not buying. Here's what Admiral Ernest J King, US Navy, had to say: "DIFFICULTIES is the name given to things which it is our business to overcome."

Overcoming difficulties means moving towards what you want with the attitude of a winner and taking for granted that you will get it. If you don't have a clearly defined objective and are not consistently moving towards your goals with a positive, aggressive attitude read lesson:

1 Attitude... Define what you want and go after it.

You might be thinking that the competitor has all the business and customers are not interested in anything new.  The reason customers are not interested is because you haven't earned the respect and trust of your customers by being an expert in your business. You have let yourself slip into the comfort zone. If that's the case read lesson:

2 Respect... Step out of the comfort zone.

Here's what General Alexander Patch had to say about stepping out of the comfort zone... "History is full of success stories about leaders who have dared to do things which their opponents would never dream of doing."

Running scared is NOT the way to do business today!

General George Patton, US Army, knew the attitude of a HUNTER when he said: "It's the cold glitter in the attacker's eye not the point of the questing bayonet that breaks the line."

Do you have the "cold glitter" in your eye?  Are you determined to have the best year ever for yourself and your family?  Have you taken the oath to "Do or Die" in your sales territory? Have you taken the oath to not only maintain but to advance, to capture new accounts and to grow your sales?  If not, read lesson:

3 Service... Help customers build their business!

If you are waiting for a lucky break, here's what Napoleon Bonaparte, French Emperor, had to say about luck: "I base my calculations and actions on the expectation that luck will be against me."

Your improved selling skills will result in more sales, more profits, new customers, better contracts and a level of confidence you never thought possible.  If you are not excited about your opportunities and challenges, read lesson:

4 Urgency... Be enthusiastic get things done now!

Don't wait until it’s too late and your customers are under attack from your competitors.  If you are not aggressively going after new business read lesson:

5 Confidence... Remove restrictions and limitations!

General Douglas MacArthur, US Army, knew the cause of failure in two words: "The history of failure in war can be summed up in two words: too late. Too late in comprehending the deadly purpose of a potential enemy; too late in realizing the mortal danger; too late in preparedness; too late in uniting all possible forces for resistance; too late in training our troops."

Now is the time to make sure you know your trade!  Now is the time to make sure you are motivated!  Now is the time to aggressively go after new business!

Do you lack the necessary persistence to keep going in spite of opposition?  If your answer is yes, read lesson

6 Persistence... Keep going and never give up. 

When you face an impossible task it should not stop you, it should bring out the best in you.

Here's what General George C. Marshall, US Army, has to say about persistence: "Campaigns and battles are nothing but a long series of difficulties to be overcome. The lack of equipment, the lack of food, the lack of this or that; the real soldier displays his or her quality in triumphs by being persistent, however great the adversity may be."

Here's what General William T Sherman, US Army, had to say about goals: "To preserve a clear and well-defined goal at every instant of time, and to cause all efforts to converge on that end."

Everything can change in a minute!  Most sales people are "one large lost account" from extinction!  Don't wait until it's too late.  Read lesson:

7 Planning... Get big results by setting big goals!

"In war nothing is achieved except by calculation.  Everything that is not soundly planned in its details yields no result."  Napoleon Bonaparte, French Emperor

If you are not getting past first base with your customers perhaps it's because you talk too much and don't get the needed information about your customers.  If this sounds like what is happening to you read lesson:

8 Questions... Ask questions that make the sale.

Selling is not for the timid!  There are two kinds of sales people, hunters and scavengers.  Hunters never back down.  Scavengers live on the crumbs left over by competitors!

Are you still using these weak openings?

"I'm sorry for interrupting." Translation: I really don't amount to much - you are much more important than I am.   I am just a doormat waiting for someone to wipe their feet on me.

"I know you are busy."  Translation:  I really don't have any respect for you or your time - you are a busy and important person and I am intruding in you day.

"I was in the neighborhood."  Translation:  I am not very organized - I simply drift through my day from neighborhood to neighborhood making random calls on people and waste their time.

"I wanted to stop by and introduce myself." Translation:  I am really not ambitious enough to have done some homework about you so I guess I will tell you all about ME.

"Do you NEED anything?"  Translation: Are there any crumbs left over from a real sales person who has been here?

If the above sound familiar, read lesson:

9 Attention... Make irresistible offers!

To grow your sales and profits takes a determined, aggressive attitude.  Selling in today’s environment or ANY environment is not for the person who is only half decided they are going to be their best.

If your customers are not leaning forward listening to every word, read lesson:

10 Presenting... Give reasons why they should buy!

"I don’t care about anything but price."
"Your competitor is a lot cheaper than you."
"Your prices have always been too high."

If you believe that price is the only thing customers are interested in, read lesson:

11 Objections... Remove every roadblock to the sale.

If you are not getting the order read lesson 12 Closing...

#12 Ask for the order and get paid!

Close by asking for everything you deserve - don't be embarrassed to ask for the order - don't fear calling on the big customers - don't worry about being too aggressive - don't be immobilized by your own timidity - don't have negative thoughts of failure.

Are you following up in a way that keeps customers coming back again and again?  Do you have such a solid relationship with your customers that the competition doesn't know what to do?  If not read lesson:

13 Follow up... Remove all hope for competitors

Your follow up should be done so well your customers will KNOW they can count on you to take care of every detail. Good follow up makes the process of the sale an enjoyable experience for your customer and should start the moment the initial contact is made.

Here's what Frederick The Great, German Emperor, had to say about being prepared: "War is not an affair of chance. A great deal of knowledge, study, and attention to detail is necessary to conduct it well."

The Battle for Your Business is About to Begin

Growth is not an option! Sales increases are imperative and that growth must come from a competitor!  Now is the time to make sure your sales people are motivated, hungry and aggressive.  Now is the time to build a wall around every account.  Now is the time to order a copy of the book DOMINATE YOUR MARKET for each member of your sales team.


"I have been selling for 15 years and I have learned more during the last 13 weeks than I have during my entire 15 years in sales."
Greg Nixon

"I just read your lesson, "Handling Rejection - Understand Why". Wow! I started my new business a couple of months ago. I refined my business plan, got leads, did a direct mailing, then I was frozen at the follow up call. I didn't have cold calling, or follow up call experience. Your lesson describes exactly how I feel and it has given me the confidence to act like I now have the right to place that call. Thank you for writing it. I really enjoyed it. And you probably made me lots of money because now I'm going to make my calls."
Mike Ryder

"This course reinforced things I already knew about sales however, it also opened up many entirely new concepts to me. Every lesson was interesting. Your ability to explore what drives both the customer and the salesperson is spot on. There are thousands of “How To Sell” type books, videos and seminars available but I have never experienced one better than yours."
Crocker Smith

eBook only 1.99   

Dominate your market sales course