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district sales manager
 A District Sales Manageris the unknown soldier in the industry.

Their responsibilities are huge and their resources are non-existent. The information in this manual is geared toward helping them maximize their efforts and get amazing results from their team.

This book will show you how have each sales rep build a six million dollar territory with a 20% gross profit by carefully selecting the right accounts, increase account penetration, sell every category and become your customer's most valuable resource.

A successful District Sales Manager must have the right combination of experience and street smarts. They must also have complete knowledge of not only selling strategies, but how to train, manage and motivate their sales team.

You will see how effective a sales person can become when you:

Give each sales person a blueprint for their territory that will guarantee success.

Divide your market into 27 segments and penetrate them one at a time.

Set up your system of accountability and motivate each member on your team.

Implement the strategies in this manual and the sales in your district will skyrocket!

Concise step-by-step techniques for being an effective District Sales Manager.

1. What do you consider the top 3 priorities on the 13 point job description?

2. How do you determine the purchasing potential of an account?

3. How do you advise a new sales person to select a customer base?

4. What is the average amount of total purchases in 10 accounts?

5. What is the average amount of total purchases in 40 accounts?

6. How do you put together a one year sales plan for a new DSR?

7. How do you put together a five year sales plan that will exceed 6 million in annual sales?

8. How can you have your sales people make use of the 'law of averages' to increase sales?

9. What does pinpoint relevancy mean and how can it help increase your gross profit?

10. What is the difference between a non commercial and commercial account?

11. Why is the foodservice industry going to experience huge growth over the next 20 years?

12. What are the three level of a sales team and how do manage each level?

13. What is a KPI and what are five examples of the most effective use of them?

14. Why does unwarranted praise backfire?

15. What was the key ingredient a company used to start with $50 and exceed one billion in sales?

16. Why do 46% of sales people leave their job?

17. What was a key ingredient you can duplicate to improve your results 75%?

18. What strategy did an insurance company use to double the sales of their agents?

19. How did a “customer appreciation dinner” close down every restaurant in town?

20. Sales people need an answer to what very important personal question?

21. What is the most important single thing you can do to keep your sales team motivated?

22. What is the primary job of a sales manager?

23. What are the most effective steps in correcting the performance of a sales person?

24. What are the six most effective rules for handling customer problems?

25. What are the 4 ingredients used to write an effective sales presentation or sales letter?

26. Before making a presentation you must have the answer to what six questions?

27. Why is copywriting an important skill for a sales manager?

28. What are the 9 interview questions to ask when hiring a new DSR?

29. Out of the 20 DSR evaluation questions, what do you think are the top 5 and why?

30. What are the top 3 reasons that cause a DSR to fail at their job?

31. What are the four most desirable qualities of a DSR?

32. What is the best kept training secret in the world and how can you use it?

33. What are the 7 skills of a master sales person and how can you train a DSR to implement them?

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