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IF YOU DON'T ASK: Close The Sale and Get Paid
"Excellent book!  Reads like a menu of techniuqes.  I like the personal anecdotes and really enjoy the quick-to-the-point style."  David Frey, President, Marketing Best Practices. 

It has never been more important to fine tune the skill of business to business closing.

If the sales process is mishandled in this crucial stage of the sale, all is lost. The hard work, the planning, the consistent calls will have all been for nothing. "If You Don't Ask" will give you specific rock solid strategies and techniques that will take you step-by-step to landing the account. You will be the person who brings in the much needed revenue to keep the lights on and the wheels turning. Includes 83 insights from professional sales people who have experienced the results of each topic.

Techniques that can add thousands to your bottom line...

~ When to ask for the order

~ Using the direct close

~ How to use the choice close

~ Advancing to the choice set up

~ How to use the guarantee close

~ Using time as an advantage

~ The trial close to test the buyer

~ “Ask a question” close

~ How to use the last-resort close

~ When to use the silent close

~ How prospects make decisions

~ How to close using price

~ What to do after you ask

~ Your attitude effects the close

~ Add value to every sale

~ When you exaggerate

~ Responding to price shock

~ The higher authority strategy

~ Good guy – bad guy strategy

~ Is that the best you can do

~ Overcome every objection

~ Play dumb like a fox

~ Never make the first offer

~ Implying too much flexibility

~ Making the add-on sale

~ Get something in return

~ The bait and switch

~ Never split the difference

~ How customers decide

~ Control over the interview

~ Don't try to impress

~ When you ask for advice

~ Justify rather than discount

~ Customers resistance change

eBook only 1.99