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Online sales course: Have you ever felt like you might not be cut out for sales?  In truth, no one is actually "cut out" for a job in sales.  It is something that has to be learned.  And that is where I come in.  I can personally coach you through an 18-week program that will turn you into a highly successful, highly paid, extremely confident sales professional.

meat faqs

Free resource: Frequently Asked Questions about selling meat products - "center of the plate" - to restaurants.

Dominate your market

Dominate Your Market  "Do it yourself sales training for you or your entire sales team"

Are you fed up?  Are you tired of laying awake at night worrying about sales?  Are you ready to hunt down the big clients, outsell the competition, earn the big commissions and stop living in fear of rejection, increasing prices and economic conditions?  If your answer is yes... NOW is the time to learn about a program that will improve the skills of your sales team 52%.

center of the plate book

Center of the Plate:  Why center of the plate is so important: 

For every case of green beans purchased, which contains 120 portions, there are 120 portions of meat also being purchased, usually at 10 times the cost.

Six book special

Six Book Special:  Everything you need to build a $10,000,000 foodservice distributor sales territory or become a highly paid restaurant consultant. 

This one-of-a-kind set of manuals for foodservice professionals will increase the sales and income!  It has never been easier to give yourself a pay raise or land a great job! 

Master Foodservice Sales Course by Bob Oros  

Master Foodservice Sales Course: Everything a foodservice distributor sales person needs to build a $10,000,000 territory.

Or build a highly successful restaurant consulting business.  This one-of-a-kind advanced course for foodservice professionals has increased the sales and income of every person completing the program!  It has never been easier to give yourself a pay rase or land a great job! 

Restaurant Turnaround by Bob Oros

Restaurant Turnaround.  The total number of U.S. restaurants is now 616,008, a 7% increase over last year! 

Many of them need your help. These techniques were given the "acid test" with real restaurant operators who were having serious problems - and it passed with flying colors.  The book, Restaurant Turnaround, was first designed as a seminar for restaurant operators. Before offering it in a manual I wanted to make sure it would pass the test in real life situations. I have presented it at food shows in various parts of the country with huge success and great feedback.

Open your restaurant by Bob Oros

Open a Restaurant.  Over 43,000 new restaurants opened in the US in the last 12 months! 

44 Restaurant Owners Reveal Their Keys to Success in the Exciting Restaurant Business.  If you ever thought of opening a restaurant reading this is a must!  Dozens of restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs share their keys to success in the food business. Plus 20 industry secrets from one of the most successful restaurant consultants in the business.

 Meateater Sales book by Bob Oros

Meateater Sales: A foodservice sales person must be Aggressive - Powerful - Effective - Confident!

CAUTION: The attitude in this workbook and audio may be too aggressive for some people! Meateater Sales will give you the most aggressive, powerful and effective information available for increasing your sales and improving your attitude in the shortest amount of time! Running scared is NOT the way to do business today.

 More Gross Profit: Increase your gross profit on every sale starting now! by Bob Oros

More Gross Profit:  Foodservice Industry best seller for over 25 years!

These principles were uncovered the old fashioned way: Hard work. Personal interviews with 507 professional buyers and 3,759 company owners were conducted to uncover the Reasons Why they bought from certain sales people, or what they did to get a sales person to lower their prices. The information was then tested online by 4,838 new and veteran sales people from all 50 states and six continents to prove these findings would produce results.

Call Reluctance: Lose those negative feelings keeping you from the success you derserve by Bob Oros

Call Reluctance: Perfect for a new foodservice sales person.

Lose those negative feelings keeping you from the success you derserve: How to deal with that "feeling" that keeps you from reaching the success you deserve. How to deal with all the no's, the not interested, the negative comments and the worry that goes along with selling on commission. This book is not about the techniques and tactics for making the sale. This is a one-on-one, step-by-step conversation between you and I that shows you how to reach your highest expectations in your sales career. If you have ever had Any difficulty dealing with the up's and down's in being in a career where 8 out of 10 people tell you to get lost, this book has your name on it.

Closing the sale: If You Don't Ask: Close the sale and get paid: by Bob Oros

 If You Don't Ask - Designed for an advanced foodservice sales person. 

Close the sale and get paid:  It has never been more important to fine tune the skill of business to business closing. If the sales process is mishandled in this crucial stage of the sale, all is lost. The hard work, the planning, the consistent calls will have all been for nothing. "If You Don't Ask" will give you specific rock solid strategies and techniques that will take you step-by-step to landing the account. You will be the person who brings in the much needed revenue to keep the lights on and the wheels turning. Includes 83 insights from professional sales people who have experienced the results of each topic.

Selling Confidential by Bob Oros

Selling Confidential:  Excellent for a foodservice district sales manager to train their staff. 

Using a scientifically proven system you will become a highly skilled, confident sales person improving your skills 52% in 13 weeks. Selling Confidential is a more confident approach to selling that will take you step by step to success by mastering the attitudes and skills resulting in you being a top performing sales professional. All the doubts, fears and worries you ever had will disappear and will be replaced with a positive, aggressive approach. These topics have been presented over 2000 times to some of the largest companies in the U.S.

Attitude Motivation the best kept secret in the world by Bob Oros

Attitude Motivation:  Help for a foodservice sales person to reinforce a positive attitude.

The best kept secret in the world! The repetition of positive or negative words and pictures day after day begins to affect you, for good or for bad. Your mind begins to make you do the things that the words and pictures represent. The use of this secret is one of the oldest practices of civilization. Marketing companies use words, pictures and TV commercials that make you want to buy things from them. Once the habit becomes stronger and stronger it becomes very difficult to change. Whether you end up a great success, or you end up "average," will be because of the things You Made Yourself Do With The Images And Words You Used To Program Your Mind.

Staying Motivated by Bob Oros

Staying Motivated: Designed for all foodservice sales people to confirm their decision to be in the business of selling to restaurants.

If you watched the news on just about any day of the week, you will agree there has never been a bigger need for highly motivated professional sales people. When prices skyrocket, the stock market tumbles, and customers are worried, it's time for you, the person on the front line of the economy, to jump in, attack, and truly make a difference. Costs are going up on every front. The price of gas, hotel rooms, airline tickets and the cost of a meal are just a few things that have a direct effect on you. You will HAVE to raise your prices and at the same time make your customer feel good about paying more!

Appreciation Motivation: How to harness the magical power of appreciation. by Bob Oros

Appreciation Motivation: Designed for hospitality and restaurant managers. How to harness the magical power of appreciation. 

When you show appreciation to others you improve loyalty and trust. People have a basic need to feel appreciated. People need to know you care. If you're the leader, you can raise morale and create loyalty, job satisfaction, and motivation when you express appreciation to your staff for their efforts. You can invest in your employees now and "pay" them with sincere appreciation and achieve even better performance. Or you can "pay" later by seeing your team's performance sink and overall morale decrease. Sincere appreciation will motivate your team to a higher level and achieve more.

Classic Boo on sales:: How They Sold in 1938

How They Sold In 1938: This book gave me the insight to start my own foodservice sales training business. 

Thirty-five years ago I discovered a 1938 sales manual written right after the Great Depression in the mid 1930s that revealed a step-by-step plan resulting in a 500% sales increase! You are about to become a Master In The Art Of Selling.  All the confusion and conflicting information that you have learned about selling will fade away and you will be able to start selling with surgical precision. The way we do business has certainly changed from what it was a century ago, however, the selling techniques are Exactly The Same!

Market Your Sizzle using a big outrageous shocking positive WOW by Bob Oros

Market Your Sizzle using a big outrageous shocking positive WOW!  Help writing advertisiments for your restaurant or hospitality business.

How to appeal to today’s new consumer with sales and marketing techniques that will make them lean forward and say “I’m interested, tell me more, I’m ready to buy!” People are more savvy, conservative and thrifty than ever before. You have to offer them something bold and shocking or we will just be another “me too” that will soon fade away.

Managing Accounts Receivable by Bob Oros

Managing Accounts Receivable.  Help for foodservice sales people collecting past due accounts. 

Written by 54 foodservice sales people. If you are looking for a heavy duty book with tons of details, this book is not for you.  However, if you want a quick read with the techniques that 54 real live sales people use to collect past due accounts this 70 page booklet will be helpful. Makes an excellent tool to hand out to your sales team who typically don't like to be overloaded with too much information. 

 District sales manager by Bob Oros

District Sales Manager: A Foodservice District Sales Manager, DSM, is the unknown soldier in the industry.

Responsibilities are huge and resources are non existent. This information is geared toward helping you maximize your efforts and get amazing results from your team. A successful DSM must have the right combination of experience and street smarts. You must also have complete knowledge of not only selling strategies, but how to train, manage and motivate your sales team. You will see how effective a sales person can become when you raise the sights of each sales person on your team to 6 million dollars a year at a 20% GP.

Ben Franklin's Scientific Program for Prosperity and Self Improvement by Bob Oros

Ben Franklin's Scientific Program for Prosperity and Self Improvement: A guide for foodservice sales people to continually improve your skills.

Using a scientifically proven system you will become a highly skilled, confident person improving your skills 52% in 13 weeks. A more confident approach to self improvement that will take you step by step to success by mastering the attitudes and skills resulting in you being a top performing professional. All the doubts, fears and worries you ever had will disappear and will be replaced with a positive, determined approach.

Why you can't get a paid speaking engagement by Bob Oros

Why You Can't Get a Paid Speaking Engagement:  How to take your skill in the hospitality industry and turn it into a speaking business. 

How a non-celebrity speaker can work less, never make a cold call, never answer the phone, never pay anyone to market them and have a consistent six figure income - guaranteed!

13 ebooks covering the entire sales process

13 ebooks covering the entire sales process

Designed as a 13 week sales training program for ongoing improvement.  Read one eBook per week for 13 weeks and discuss the topics in your weekly sales meeting.  New sales people can enter the program anytime using the current topic.  Many foodservice district salesmanagers use this training tool for improving the performance of their sales team.

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