Have you ever felt like you might not be cut out for sales?

You are parked behind a restaurant waiting for your appointment time.  You could be selling them anything.   Association membership, equipment, supplies, insurance, etc.  It's the hottest day of summer.  The afternoon rain shower made the humidity so thick you can cut it with a knife.

You open your car door and the steam from the blacktop makes it feel even hotter.  You walk past the dumpster and the smell practically makes you sick.  You open the back door to the kitchen and the heat hits you like a blast furnace.

The person you are going to see is standing in front of the stove.  You know he sees you, but he doesn't even make eye contact with you.  All the years you spent in school have not prepared you for the insecure feelings and humiliation you are now experiencing.

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, and just about every other profession spend years in advanced schooling learning their trade before they ever see their first client.  Your advanced schooling consisted of a short company training course teaching you how to enter orders and find information about the thousands of products you're supposed to be selling.

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There was nothing about how to deal with how you feel at this moment.

What’s going on in your mind?

"This is not worth it."

"There must be a better way to make a living."

"I'm going back to school and get a real job."

"All the good territories are already taken."

"The competition is ruthless."

"I'm going to try selling a different line."

"They expect too much."

"How can they expect me to sell anything at these prices?"

What if you started every day like this...?

What if it were possible for you to call on every account in your market with no hesitation and with complete confidence?

What if you had no concern about your competitors, even if they have years of experience over you?

What if you did not feel the pressure of needing the sale?

What if you didn't have to worry about how you were going to handle the price objections that are sure to come?

It's 6:00 am Monday morning and you are starting your day the same as you have for the past several weeks.  While you are sipping your coffee, you review your progress on your 90 day sales goal.  You go to your mailbox and click on sales report 49 of 90.

You read the 600 word selling report, click on the link and send a personal email to your coach with your action step from the report.  This gives you the feeling that you are making progress and your career is moving forward.

You decide that you want to reinforce the lesson on this report so you play the audio while you are preparing for your day.

You further decide that the report you just read and listened to is something you want to internalize, so you print the one page pdf file to take with you.  You will refer to it a couple of times during the day so you can turn it into a tactic that you implement.

You go out and visit your customers with the positive expectation of success.  Your sales and gross profit are steadily increasing.  You feel confident.  You have a sense of urgency about you.  You feel that you are at the right place at the right time.  You finally feel like you are learning the skills you need to earn that six figure income.

Sound impossible? 

Could this really happen to you? 

Don't be surprised when it does.

Step by step instructions
You or your entire sales team will learn step by step how to increase sales and gross profit starting immediately.  These principles have been presented thousands of times for some of the largest companies in the country with specific and measurable results.

Differentiate yourself
Most of the products you sell are also sold by your competitors.  The same manufacturer, the same package and even the same cost.  How can you differentiate yourself and do it in a way that will not cut your gross profit?

Why you lose business
It is a fact that you will lose 25% of your customers every year.  Just think of how much more successful and profitable your company would be if it was able to drastically reduce this number. It’s easy if you know the real reason your customers switch to a competitor.

Open new accounts
New accounts is one of the fastest ways to increase your sales.  However, nearly all new account calls are done using the wrong process.  You will learn how easy and fun it can be to make cold calls once you learn the real reason customers make decisions.

Increase the value of every product
Adding value to every product is the key that will dramatically increase your gross profit.  By properly using this little known technique you can actually make your customers feel good about buying from you at higher prices.

Increase your add-on sales by 50%
One of the most efficient ways to increase sales is to sell more to each customer.  One small change in the way you ask for an additional "add-on" product will more than double the willingness of the customer to make the extra purchase.

What customers base their decisions on
This premise is so important, yet so unknown, it can make it easy for you to get a positive response without any effort.  You can get hundreds of people making the sale for you with literally no extra effort on your part.

What your customers will pay more for
The only way to know for sure is to ask them.  I have done all the work for you.  I have asked thousands of customers and I have the 8 things they will pay more for.  Once you know what they are you can easily begin to incorporate them into your sales presentation and become the primary vendor to your customer.

Why you will be replaced by a competitor
When a sales person calls on a new customer or one of their existing customers and simply tries to find the needs of that customer, they are actually looking for something that does not exist.  What REALLY motivates your customers to buy?  When you know the answer to this question your sales will take off.

Make it difficult to ask for a discount
Most sales people make it easy for the customer to ask for a discount on nearly everything they sell.  This will stop the moment you put this technique into effect.

Seven words that will make you thousands
If this simple seven word phrase is used consistently it will not only help you make more money, it will double as an ongoing training program that will put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket .

A secret Abraham Lincoln used
Abraham Lincoln's secret has been analyzed and put into a formula that anyone can use to overcome every objection.  It is so simple, yet so effective, you can use it on nearly any objection.

Thomas Edison’s secret strategy
Thomas Edison was a master sales person as well as a highly imaginative inventor.  Many of his selling techniques have been analyzed and put into simple and easy, step-by-step formulas you can use.  This one was his most powerful and effective.

Thousands have changed the way they view sales... and the extra income has changed their lives!

10 minutes a day can double your business
“When I first started with my previous company I had a couple of years in sales, but after reading your More Gross Profit principles I felt as if I never had a clue about sales. Since I started using this information my sales have doubled.”
Michelle Rider, Macon, Georgia

Old Dogs CAN learn new tricks
“Bob, the old dogs never get to old to learn. Yes, more than anything else in my 33 years of sales and marketing, it adjusted my thinking in a lot of areas that over the years bad habits creep into. I will utilize all of your lessons for future business."
Jerry Seaver, Tulsa, OK

Cold calls – no problem
“The book is awesome and I actually look forward to making sale calls now!!! Even cold calls!!!! I plan to review the book often and to seriously 'digest' your strategies!”
Dee Anderson, Batesville, AR

Makes selling seem easy
“Very informative, hands-on and easy to implement. Clarified the heaps of information surrounding the subject of selling!”
Roan Theron, South Africa

Seasoned professionals or rookies
"I have really enjoyed the program. I found it to me informative and motivational. I was already using and/or familiar with some of your techniques, however, the training reinforced what I was doing. I believe that the information contained is beneficial to all sales people, whether seasoned or rookies."
Pat Martin

How to accomplish my goals
"These lessons and comments from the contributors are priceless. I wish this had been offered before I started this line of work. Many of these lessons have helped me overcome issues I still have with selling and has given me a much better prospective on how to accomplish my goals."
Thanks. Kirk Ellis

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