90 Have you ever heard of the Ben Franklin Program?

In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin he tells about the time he was a small printer in Philadelphia and badly in debt.  Franklin believed he could acquire the essential principles of successful living if he could find the right method.  Having an inventive mind, Franklin devised a method so simple, yet so practical, that anyone could use it.

Franklin chose thirteen subjects which he felt were necessary for him to acquire and try to master, and he gave a week’s strict attention to each subject successively.  In this way, he was able to go through his entire list in thirteen weeks, and repeat the process four times in a year.  Ben Franklin became the first self made millionaire in the country!

When he was seventy-nine years old, Benjamin Franklin wrote more about this idea than anything else that ever happened to him in his entire life.  He felt that he owed all his success and happiness to this one thing.

The lesson we can learn from Ben Franklin is to continue learning.  Few things in life are more exciting that learning a new skill and helping someone solve a problem using your knowledge.

Thank you for taking the time to go through the entire course.

Bob Oros

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