87. Is there such a thing as a born sales person?

I am sure you would not like to have open heart surgery by a "born doctor" who understands the concept of open heart surgery but has never had any training? How would you like to get on an airline flight with a "born pilot" who understood the theory of flight but never had any professional training? How would you feel about eating in a restaurant run by a "born cook" who never had any training in food safety or proper cooking procedures. What about investing with a broker who "had a feeling" for the market, but had no professional training. Most importantly, when you are buying something, how do you feel about buying from sales people who do not know anything about their product except the price?

Careful planning will result in the skills and qualities necessary for success in selling. If you took a person who has never sold before and spent an entire Saturday planning every detail of what they were going to do during the next week, you would be amazed at the results.

Everyone who has been in sales for any length of time knows how to plan, however, we need to sell ourselves on taking the time and making the commitment. Once we sharpen our planning skills our work in sales will become more profitable and more enjoyable. To be considered a "Cutting-Edge" sales professional it is not necessary to work twice as hard as the "average" sales person, we only have to work twice as smart.

After three years in sales you will begin to feel confident. After five years it is very unlikely that you will ever want to do anything else for a living. If you take a walk through any bookstore and look and the success section, many of the titles hint on the idea that your sales success is guaranteed instantly if you follow their formula. Turn on the TV and during a commercial break all of your problems can be solved within 15 seconds after taking a certain pill. The generation coming into sales has unrealistic expectations of success, and when it does not happen instantly, they quit. Ask yourself: "How long do I think it will take to become a true professional in this business?" See how close you come to three years.

Careful planning will develop patience. As a "Cutting Edge" sales person, committing to a daily schedule is of prime importance; our success or failure in this area will have a major impact on our overall performance. We always plan tomorrow the evening before. Prioritize our goals. Make a list of all the things we want to accomplish and then rank them in the order of their importance.

On Friday evening or Saturday morning, prepare not only your Monday schedule, but also your schedule for the week to come. Do not feel you have to account for every minute of every one of the next five days, just block out your scheduled appointments and meetings so you have a good solid overview of what is on the horizon. Then review and prepare for each call you are going to make.

By attending to daily scheduling matters conscientiously, and comparing your actual results with your plan, you will increase your time-effectiveness and at the end of the day you will feel great, taking very little stress home with you. You will easily outsell the so-called "born sales person."

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