68. How can you appeal to their buying senses?

Keep in mind in considering the appeal to their three senses that you and I, as a sales person, are now back stage. We are manipulating the scenery, the lights and the actors, to produce the effect we want on the audience - our prospect. We are "staging" this show - our presentation - to transport him mentally to an ideal tomorrow. In picking apart the elements of the presentation to find what it is made of, we are making a slow motion picture of a process which in practice often speeds so fast that its parts flow imperceptibly into one another.

Your prospect understands most quickly through his eyes. It is their major sense in perceiving the new, and far stronger than remembering what you say. Most people can visualize in their memory what Niagara Falls looks like, but few can recall the sound of the falls. Hence wherever you can use a sketch, a drawing, a chart, a picture, or a sample you are strengthening what you say a thousand times.

If you have just a little artistic ability, and can pencil your ideas on a scratch pad to the prospect as you talk, it is extremely effective. Planned presentations which are mainly visual need no defense. Visual technique is generally accepted as superior from every standpoint.

Don't neglect their hands. One of the most human reactions is to grab. There is a subconscious feeling of possession when we hold something - and this is the effect you are after - for him or her to picture a future day when they will using what you show them for increased profits. Let him or her handle your product and get the feel of it. Go slowly! They are grasping what you say with difficulty. A person can't take more than one idea at a time.

You're teaching now, and your customer is slowly absorbing your first lesson. Keep the language simple, so even a child can understand. Always assume he or she knows nothing about your product. Even when you repeat what he or she already knows, they like it, because it makes them feel well informed. Your voice should vibrate with enthusiasm - which cannot be faked.

This is a good time to ask reinforcing questions about their positive experience.

If you are cooking a new product for them to sample, take a good wiff of it yourself and then have them do the same.

If you are selling a boat, have them feel the smooth finish and tell them how it will easily glide through the water.

If you are selling a vacation, show them pictures of the fun they are going to have.

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