67. How can you put customers on a magic carpet?

This is the secret of a highly successful sales person. Your average sales person talks about the price, the competition or the product, always in the present tense. The consultative sales person looks at their product or service from a different view point.

The first question you should ask when putting together your sales strategy is: What does my prospect or customer want? What are the pictures they have of their future? What are their goals? Where do they want to be next year, the year after, and five years from now?

You have to go beyond the money and find out what they are going to do with it once they have it. Once you get this information you can move on to the next step in building your sales presentation.

The second question you ask is how can the benefits of my products and services enhance my clients' future? When we begin to think in these terms we have crossed the bridge from sales person to a true "Consultative Sales Person". Once you begin to think in these terms, your prospects turn into customers and your customers turn into clients. You have set yourself apart from the average "peddler" who merely has a sales pitch, and put yourself in the position of a partner who is working for the same goals and objectives as your client.

Your customers will know that you "understand where they are coming from." They will know that you understand their problems and have an insight into what they are trying to accomplish.

I spent 2 years living full time in an RV traveling throughout North America. I became hooked on stopping at RV dealers and talking with sales people. Most of them talked about the features of their products and very seldom about my traveling experiences and future dreams. They were simply tour guides pointing out the table and the stove.

However, every now and then I would come across a real pro who asked me questions about my future plans. What a treat it was to climb on the magic carpet and visit my future. Even though I no longer own an RV, it is still fun to get on that magic carpet and revisit the care free lifestyle.

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