66. What do politicians and insurance companies talk about?

Politicians don't talk about needs, they talk about the future. Successful politicians use this concept of selling the future in every speech. They know that if they want to stay in office or be elected to office they have to know what the people want and build it in to every talk they give. They never like to talk about the past and very rarely address issues in the present, it's always the future. "I am your bridge to the 21st century". "Your door to the future".

A travel agent talks about a future trip that will give you a really good time. A travel agency always gives you a clear vision of where you are going, never on the trip getting there. A seven day cruise sales presentation shows you the fun you will have on board ship, all the food and entertainment you will enjoy. However, they neglect to tell you about the 7 hour flight to Puerto Rico where you meet the ship and the 4 hours you have to stand on the dock waiting in line.

Insurance companies talk about a future full of accidents, fires, floods, sickness, death and financial ruin. The insurance industries entire existence relies on selling you the future. When you buy insurance you spend thousands of dollars and have nothing in return except a piece of paper. They present you with a mental picture of what would happen to your family if you were to die. They show you how many people reach old age without any money or retirement. They give examples of the high cost of going to the hospital for surgery. The insurance companies are experts at getting a piece of your future. This does not mean that it is good or bad, it simply is the way they sell their products and services.

Lawyers talk about a future full of pain and suffering. A good lawyer is the true artist in the area of painting future pictures. They usually do it based on fear of loss. When you tell them about your concern they paint a picture of gloom by blowing your problem up to the maximum. Then, of course, they tell you how much work it would be to take care of it and, with no guarantees, will represent you for a fee.

Credit card companies talk about a future you don't have to wait for. One of the single largest goals of most people today is to have the money to pay off their credit card balances. How did so many people get in this situation where the average married couple owes around $25,000 in credit card bills. Once we look at the concept of appealing to someone's future, creating an impatience and a willingness to go in debt for things they didn't think they could live without, it is easy to understand why people borrow on their future. During the last 12 months over one million people filed personal bankruptcy to get out from under their debts.

Law enforcement talks about a future behind bars. Law enforcement is similar to the way the lawyers use this powerful concept. The worst thing that could happen to an individual is to have their future taken away from them. Every time we watch a movie where someone is put behind bars with no hope we can't help feel how that would be. If would be criminals knew for a fact that they would be caught there would be no crime. What a criminal sees is getting away with something unearned. Getting caught is hardly a possibility for them.

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