64. How can you use suggestion to increase your sales?

With a little "suggestive selling" you can easily put more money in your pocket. People tend to act in accordance with the ideas that are in their minds, and many of these ideas, in the form of suggestions, may be put there by you.

This being the case, you should look for every opportunity to make suggestions that will result in getting what you want. Selling through suggestion should be considered not only as a way to increase profits but also as a form of service to the buyer.

Suggestions bring to his or her attention items that might otherwise be overlooked. If suggestions are tactfully made, they impress the customer with our desire to be of service.

Make a habit of calling your customer’s attention to new merchandise, to specials, to other items in connection with what they are already buying and you will be enhancing your relationship while increasing your business.

You should always be on the alert for the suggestion of things that will “go with” the merchandise you are selling. If you do not carry the exact item that the customer wants, you should, by all means, suggest a substitute.

Suggesting a higher quality product than the one they are buying may perform a real service. Most customers appreciate having their attention directed to new or unusual items. Every time something new comes on the market it opens an opportunity to make a suggestion to your customers.

You should be careful not to suggest anything that will cause the customer to act contrary to what you want.

This can be illustrated in the case of the sales person who followed the practice of telling customers that if they did not like the product he would be happy to issue a credit for it. The sales manager noticed that this sales person was giving out way too many credits and instructed him to stop suggesting the credit guarantee, even though the company would guarantee the product.

Once the sales person stopped making the suggestion – the credits stopped.

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