62. Why is your mental picture of the sale so important?

Step aside and take a look at yourself as you get out of your car prior to calling on this person we shall assume is a stranger. As you walk into the warehouse, or step into the office, your attitude will be tremendously influenced by the planning you have done before you made this call. Are you carefully prepared and organized? This is a greater confidence builder than you realize.

How strong is the inner fire of belief in what you can do for him or her? Belief in your job is reflected the moment the customer looks at you.

Is your presentation logically arranged, with all data in order, so that you can automatically put your finger on any bit of evidence?

Have you figured out in advance exactly WHAT you are going to sell... perhaps, have written the order ready for his or her signature before you go in? There's nothing like such a concrete objective to help steer your course straight from your opening to your close.

Let's take a typical case. It's Monday morning. Your prospect has spent all day Sunday looking at new automobiles and expects to buy one this week. He came in late and is two hours behind with his work. He is getting ready for a conference call. He has an appointment at eleven thirty and had placed his watch on his desk to remind him. His wife has phoned and asked him to pay the mortgage at noon. He has just interviewed three people for a job opening. His mind is a million miles away from what you have to sell. In a fraction of a second you have got to clear his mind of a thousand disturbing thoughts which are crowding into his consciousness demanding attention. The moment he lays his eyes on you, his first reaction is one of self-protection! How can he get rid of you and get back to his automobile, his bills, and the routine of the day? Yet nearly everything he buys has been sold to him by sales people who have known how to "cut through" that attitude and get attention.

What is your mental picture of this customer or prospect? Do you feel he or she is your superior and that you are liable to be a little embarrassed in their presence?

Get this mental picture right in your mind before making the call and the results will speak for themselves.  Don't assume they are going to be eager to see you come through the door - be prepared.

Be mentally prepared! Just because they are not going to be eager to see you does not mean that you can't be eager to see them.   It's all in your mind.

What if you received word that you inherited $500,000 just moments before you were going to see this person?  Would you act more positive?  Would you be excited?  YES!  You would probably make the sale without a hitch.

Then, after your appointment, you found out it was a mistake and you only inherited $500.

Don't wait for an inheritance - it's not coming.

Thinking right towards people means filling your mind with good thoughts about everyone and eliminating all negative thoughts. Every day say to yourself; “this is going to be the best day I have ever had.” Before every sales call say to yourself; “this is going to be the best sales call I have ever made”. In silence and to yourself say; “I really like you” when dealing with your clients or preparing to meet with a customer. Do the same when approaching a stranger or new customer. They will feel what you are thinking and it will be impossible for them not to like you in return. The right attitude towards people is a powerful tool.  Use this tool to overcome any self limiting feelings when talking to an individual or a group. This positive attitude towards people will help you reach your sales objective faster than anything else you do.

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