60. How can you control the customers attitude?

The thing that will have the greatest effect on how you communicate with your customers is your overall attitude towards them.

When we describe a particular prospect as obnoxious, offensive, antagonistic, hard to deal with and unlikable, it is very likely they feel the same way about us. However, when we describe a customer as being friendly, likeable and easy to deal with, it is also very likely that they feel the same way about us. Who is in control? Does anyone have the power to influence the way someone responds or feels towards another person?

Have you ever heard anyone make the following comments: "There sure are a lot of hard nosed, price shoppers in our business". On the other hand, have you ever heard anyone make this comment: "There sure is a lot of nice folks in our business". They are both right.

Closer examination of these two opposite opinions will normally reveal two different attitudes towards the people they do business with. They each see their customers from their own point of view. Their own personalities are revealed in their overall attitude towards people in general.

There are very few things in sales you have complete control over, however, what you think about people is something you can control. With the right attitude towards everyone you come in contact with you can stop being your own worst enemy and have them respond favorably to you.

Customers can actually feel the negative thoughts you have about them and they are nearly impossible to hide. People can also feel the positive thoughts you have about them.

People have become less trusting of companies, or someone representing a company, trying to sell them something. Many people have been treated badly, or taken advantage of, on more than one occasion resulting in a defensive attitude. Don't let this get in your way of taking control.

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