59. Why should you display an attitude of confidence?

Always assume an attitude of confidence and purpose and never apologize for making the call.

There is a psychological law that makes human beings react and respond to the attitude and action expressed by another person. There is nothing mysterious about it, except the results that come when you put this law into effect.

Everyone wants to do the appropriate thing. Everyone wants to "rise to the occasion." We have an unconscious urge to "live up to" the expectations others have of us, or to "live down" to them. If you see that your customer or prospect is busy when you first walk into their office or warehouse do not apologize for interrupting. What will go through their mind if you do? "If you see I am busy, why are you bothering me?"

If you decide beforehand that a certain customer is going to be difficult to deal with, chances are you will approach them in a hostile manner, ready to fight. When you do this, you literally set the stage for them to act on. He or she rises to the occasion. They act the part that you have set for them to act, and you come away convinced that they really are a "tough customer," without ever realizing that your own actions and attitudes helped make them one.

In dealing with your customers, you see your own attitudes reflected back to you in their behavior. When you smile, the person in front of you smiles. When you frown, the person frowns. When you shout, the person shouts back.

Not taking yourself too seriously and acknowledging your faults and mistakes actually shows your customers that you are confident.  Seeing someone you admire do something clumsy or stupid will make you like them more.  When you show others that you don't take yourself too seriously it makes them fee closer to you.  We like confident, self assured people, however, the truly self confident person doesn't need to let the world know how great they are.

Here is a way to have your customers perceive you as confident and enthusiastic.  The most effective for making a favorable first impression is the easiest thing to do: smile.  Four things are accomplished when you smile - acceptance, enthusiasm, happiness and, most importantly, confidence.

You are in control!  You have the power to control the customers reaction.  This takes practice, but the results are amazing

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