56. Give me one good reason to buy from you!

Having a "sizzle" is one of the most important things in both sales and marketing.  If you were asked by a customer for one good reason why to buy from you, the answer would be the basis for all your sales and marketing.  A complicated response will just give your potential customer another problem to sort out.  Your customer does not want more to think about, they want less.

Once a really good reason is clearly defined, it should become their strongest selling point. This "one good reason" will give your selling efforts the needed "focus".  It should be included in every advertisement, put on the sign, on the business card, on the brochure as well as telling everyone you come in contact with. The more you focus and promote yourself as an expert in that one area, people will assume you are good at everything else you do.

The same concept is true for sales people.  If you have a really good reason why your customers should buy from you, and let them know about it on every call, your professional image will go up.

The best reason you can give is to let your customer know that your main objective is helping them become more successful and to make more money.

You are not selling simply products; you are selling additional profits, solutions to their problems, increased customer base, lower labor costs, lower product cost, etc.   Many sales people use the shotgun approach trying to describe everything their company does.  This is necessary at times in order to educate people as to why your company is there.  It should be periodically worked into your presentations but it should never be relied on to sell products week after week.

In some instances you might want to sell the idea first and the product second.  The travel business is a good example of this.  They always sell the idea of travel, not necessarily the cramped six hour plane ride you have to take to get there.

Bring something new to your customers every week; it doesn't necessarily have to be a new product, only new to them.  Another approach used by many successful sales people is to accent something unique about the business or your proposition.  No matter how ordinary a business may seem there is always something special about it.  When making your sales presentation you have to look for "points of difference" that will set you apart and attract attention at the same time.

In marketing the word "new" is used over and over again to attract attention.  They are always telling about a "new ingredient" or the product is "new and improved" or it is now in a "new size".

Bringing something new to your customers week after week will show them that you are interested in their business by keeping them informed of all the things that are available.

Many buyers are totally committed to consistency and will refuse to look at a new idea even if it is in their own best interest.  How can we get them to listen?  One food sales manager I know has a line that never fails.  "You know" he would say, "I travel a lot and eat out most of the time. Whenever I see something new on the menu I always figure they are trying to please me by giving me something new to try." Can you use this concept when putting together your sales presentations?  Absolutely!

Your customers are called on by all your competitors as well as hundreds of other companies trying to sell them all kinds of products and services... Here is the key question you should always have the answer to...

Give me one good reason why I should talk to you?

How would you answer that question? What is your BIG POINT OF DIFFERENCE?

Here are some examples that you will recognize - Let me know what yours is...

M & M’s – “They melt in your mouth, not in your hands.”

Wonderbread – “Helps build strong bodies in 8 ways”

Crispix Cereal – “Stays crisp in milk.”

Domino’s Pizza – “Fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less.”

Papa John’s – “Better ingredients. Better pizza. Papa John’s.”  (before the lawsuit)

Head & Shoulders – “Healthy, beautiful, dandruff free hair.”

Burger King – “Have it your way.”

Oil of Olay – “Younger-looking skin.”

Federal Express – “When your package absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

Clariol – “If you use Clariol, people won't even notice that you dyed your hair.”

Avis Rent a Car – “We’re number two. We try harder.”

Bounty – “The Quicker Picker –Upper.”

Colgate – “Colgate cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth.”

Geico – “Save 15 % or more on your car insurance.”

State Farm – “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

Enterprise –“Pick Enterprise. We’ll pick you up.”

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