47. Why do buyers have objections even if they are going to buy?

Anyone who will not complain about price is not very interested in what we are selling.

When the average person thinks seriously about buying some article or service that costs real money, they think at once also of reasons for not buying it. This is true even if they have the desire to buy and have practically made up their mind to buy.

To understand objections and why they are raised, just look at yourself: Suppose you have been getting along in your tiny 3 bedroom home, and suppose your earnings are good and you have the money to buy a better house. Then suppose a real estate friend calls, tells you about this great house that just came on the market.

You say to yourself, "I really don't need a new house. I'm getting along all right with the old one. It's foolish to spend this money right now - I might need it for something else.... On the other hand, my house needs a new roof and some other repairs. It may not be safe....Then again, why should I buy THIS house? I saw one Sunday and it looked pretty good to me ... Of course, I want to stay in the neighborhood ... still, that house was mighty nice. Then there's the new addition on the other side of town.... I wonder what my wife/husband will think about buying a new house? He or she is not so hot about spending money.

You can see how easy it is to come up with at least 5 objections before we get serious about making the purchase.

Always keep in mind that the buyer is comfortable dealing with the sales person and company they are buying from. To make a change requires assurances that you will be able to handle their business.

In the buyers mind it is easier to stay with their current supplier even if the prices and delivery are not exactly as they would like. That is why they have at least five objections that we must overcome before a prospect will feel sure enough to give us their business.

The point is you should always be prepared for the objections you know will come up. If you ever watch how a comedian works an intoxicated audience and overcomes the wise cracks they throw at the speaker you have to wonder how they are able to respond so quickly. Here is there secret. Every comment and wise crack has been anticipated. They practice and practice until their response sounds like it was thought up on the spot. We should do the same homework with the anticipated objections we KNOW always come up.

Here are the top 27 objections you will most likely run up against:

 1.  What makes you any different form my current supplier

 2.  I really don’t think much of your company

 3.  We’ve been doing all right without you

 4.  I’m tied up in a supplier contract

 5.  You don’t carry the items I need

 6.  I’m not interested in anything new

 7.  See me in a couple of months

 8.  I hear your company is having problems

 9.  I am not talking to anyone right now - business is down

10.  Your prices have always been too high

11.  $40 a case! You have to do better than that

12.  I have to run that by the owner

13.  If I pay that much - what will you do for me

14.  I have to have monthly terms to buy from you.

15.  I don’t care about anything but price

16.  I want a volume discount on this order

17.  I am SHOCKED at how high your price is

18.  I'm paying $10 - your price is $12 why should I buy yours

19.  Your competitor is a lot cheaper than you are

20.  It would be too much work to change suppliers

21.  Can I have a discount on the first order

22.  If I use you, I have to have a 6:00 am delivery

23.  I don't want to jeopardize the supplier relationship we have

24.  If I changed suppliers why would I be any better off

25.  I'm too busy to talk to you right now

26.  I'm buying from a friend

27.  I tried your company once and you screwed up the order

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