39. Why should you ask for advice?

How would you like to have a magic formula that would turn the toughest customer into a best friend? The next time you are faced with a really tough customer, one that always gives you a hard time about everything, try this: Ask for their advice on something.

Sound too simple? Try it and watch what happens. Ask them how they would handle a certain situation. For example, ask a customer how they would sell to a certain individual that you both know.

Ask your spouse how they would handle something. Ask a friend or neighbor how to fix something. When you say to someone "I would like to ask your advice," you can almost see the person’s interest level increase.

The important point to remember when asking for advice is that it must be sincere. The best way to do that is to take notes while they are responding and pay close attention to what they are saying.

Asking for advice is an excellent way to make a person feel important, however, it also has another huge benefit. The advice you get about your company, your products, or whatever you happen to be asking about, may give you an idea that could lead to some substantial new sales.

Some examples of what you can ask advise about: New products. Changes in your service. How to sell another buyer or customer. What they think of certain product features. How can you improve your service.

Try asking for a favor. We actually like someone more after doing something for them. If we do someone a favor we will have a positive feeling toward that person. In our attempt to get someone to think highly of US we tend to do things for them. What you want is for the customer or prospect to DO SOMETHING FOR YOU and they will actually like you more.

Customers will find a way to buy from you if they like you. They will also find a way NOT to buy from you if they don’t like you.

The reason Thomas Edison sold all his inventions was simply this: Thomas Edison only invented things people would buy. To find out what people would buy he did extensive research and asked numerous experts their advice.

How many times have you come up with a seemingly brilliant idea, only to find out after investing time and money that it was all a waste of time. Perhaps the reason might be due to not seeking expert advice on the idea or project.

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