38. Why should you be impressed rather than try to impress?

How would you like to have everyone you meet be super impressed with you?  How would you like to have your customers tell everyone they know that you are the smartest sales person they have ever dealt with?

I am going to show you how and if you try it you will be amazed at the results.  You don't have to wait until your next sales call - you can try it right now.

Go and tell your spouse, partner, coworker, neighbor, or the next person you see, that you are impressed with something they are doing.

If there is nothing obvious to be impressed about look for something.  Be sincere about it.  Watch their reaction.  They will think you are the smartest person they know. Why? Because you are smart enough to be impressed with something they are doing.

Now try it on one of your customers.  Once your customer knows that he or she sincerely impresses you, they will know you are one of the smartest sales people that ever called on them.

The first law of selling to another business is to realize that there are no such things as companies, only people.  You don’t sell your products to some inanimate organization that makes rational decisions based on logical data.  You sell to a human, emotional, somewhat irrational person who makes the decision based on issues of ego, personality and irrationality.

With this in mind you have to use the same basic principle you use to win anyone over to your way of thinking.  The person you are selling to has to like you.  They must believe that you know what you are talking about before they will listen to anything you have to say.

The best way to impress your customer is to let them know, in a sincere way, that you think he or she is really something.   Tell them what great work they do or what an interesting business they have.

Find something you have in common.   People like people who are like them.  And people believe and trust people they like.

Try to discover attitudes, likes, dislikes, family backgrounds, experiences, personality virtues or quirks, careers, goals, or values that you have in common with your customers; then emphasize them.

People reason that if you’re like them in some ways, you’re probably like them in other ways.  Therefore, they begin to transfer trust as friend to friend.

And they will buy from you.

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