31. Are you implying too much flexibility?

For example, if someone asks for a price on 10 cases of a product you are selling, you would not want to say; "somewhere around $149" if the price was, in fact, $149.  If you were presenting a price on a service you were selling and the price was $24.90 per hour you shouldn't say "somewhere around $25."  By using the term "somewhere around" you have opened the door for the buyer to assume the price is flexible.

State the price firmly like you mean it.  Many people don’t state the price firmly and unknowingly open up the door for the buyer to start working on their price.  Sometime the person presenting the price will do so giving a range rather that a firm price.

For example: “The price is between thirty five and forty dollars per case.”  This response signals a lack of confidence in the price quoted and encourages the customer to start working down the price, not from forty dollars, but from thirty five dollars.

Practice delivering your price with a tone of confidence.  Deliver it with the same conviction that you would use to give someone your phone number.

"What are the last four digits of your phone number?"

5197 - Not “between 5196 and 5200”.

What month were you born?

October - Not “somewhere between September and November”.

If you signal with words such as "about" or "roughly,"' the buyer will take this to mean that you can go lower.  If you do imply flexibility follow the other rule of selling - ask for more than you expect to get, because you may need the room.

Flexibility is a tool you can use - sometimes you might want to imply a certain degree of flexibility.

For example.  Lets say a customer is looking for 100 cases of your product.  You know that the customer has shopped around for a couple of other quotes.  Giving your price too firmly may cause you to lose the business.  However, giving your highest price and slightly implying that you are willing to work with the customer will open the door to a possible sale that would otherwise be lost.

But remember - flexibility is a tool - a strategy to use when the situation calls for it.

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