28. How did Abraham Lincoln win nearly every case?

Abraham Lincoln had a reputation as a lawyer for hardly ever losing a case.  His strategy was to unknowingly use the feel/felt/found formula to perfection, however, he probably never heard of it.

Lincoln would never argue or attack an opponent.  In fact, Lincoln, at first, would argue his opponent’s case telling all the reasons why his opponent was right.  He’d appear to agree to all the things his opponent said.

As his opponent was stating his case before the jury Lincoln would write down everything that was said.  Then he would begin changing the minds of the jurors by saying, “We all feel these things are true, and my opponent has skillfully presented them in a way that anyone hearing them would have felt the same, however, there are a few other things that influence this case and when I present them you will find that the way to vote will be obvious.”

Then he’d begin slowly with his own arguments.  He was a master at diplomacy, at getting people to change their minds and feel good doing it.

Lincoln probably invented the “feel/felt/found formula even though he never heard of it.  The feel/felt/found formula can become one of your most valuable tools.  Try this response when you get a negative reaction to the price you are presenting or the program you are trying to push through.

“I can certainly understand why you feel the price seems a little high”.

“I don’t blame you for wanting to get the best value for your money and at the same time keeping your cost down to a minimum.”

“Every person I talk to has felt the same as you do when they first looked at the program”.

However, after they found out that the small difference in price for the higher quality product was actually the best investment they ever made they saw it from a completely different view.”

Practice this a few times and people will never know why they are all of sudden agreeing with you.

I understand how you FEEL...

Everyone I talked to today FELT the same...

Until they FOUND out that the market has gone up!

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