Blog post 032-Your one big thing

Years ago there was a book written about the different types of government.  The title of the book was "The Fox Knew Many Things, But the Hedgehog Knew One Big Thing."

I never read the book, but the title has an excellent message for us in the food business.

We all have some fox in us and know a lot of things.  But to be successful in today's competitive market and build customer confidence it is more important than ever to be known for ONE BIG THING.

Before you do any marketing, post anything on your blog, Facebook or Twitter, you must make a tough decision.  You must be known for something that will set you apart as an expert, a professional, a place where people will relate to you and remember you.

We are in the food business because we love to be creative, try new recipes and new menu items.  And we should try new items and create new dishes.  But to capture a spot in the minds of our customers, we have to be consistent and clear, which goes against our very nature.

It's easy to get side-tracked and become like the fox, who knows all types of things.  Here's the problem with knowing too many things; you will not be KNOWN for anything.  To have the total confidence of your customers your ONE BIG THING has to be crystal clear in their mind.  You have to be looked upon as an expert.

Before we look at marketing your restaurant, butcher shop, retail store, deli or bakery, let's look at how important this concept is from YOUR point of view when dealing with a vendor.

When buying food for your business you want to buy from someone whose ONE BIG THING is selling food and who has a passion for the food business.  Someone who can identify with you and "knows where you are coming from."  Someone you have confidence in.

Once you decide what your ONE BIG THING is your business will be as solid as a rock.  If you can become a fanatic about your ONE BIG THING people will notice.