Blog post 026-fixing-a-negative-attitude-you-will-have-a-lot-more-fun

Does this sound like you?

When you call on a prospect you feel like you are bothering them.  You feel like you are causing them some type of inconvenience.  You convince yourself that it is not necessary to make the call.

By fixing this negative attitude you will have a lot more fun doing your job.

Even if they hit you with one of these standard objections, they still want you to call on them:

I have too many suppliers already.

I'm tied up in a supplier contract.

I'm happy with my present supplier.

You don't carry a full line.

I'm not interested at this time.

Business is down.

These are not really objections; they are invitations to engage in a conversation!

Most people like to be called on by sales people. Many times their current suppliers are neglecting them, taking the business for granted.  By making the call and giving them the attention that may be missing, leaves the door wide open for you.

What are they really saying when they lay one of these objections on you?

I have too many suppliers already.  (And not one of them are any good - maybe you have a better approach.)

I'm tied up in a supplier contract.  (My contract is a joke and I would really like someone to challenge it.)

I'm happy with my present supplier.  (Ha! They are overcharging me, taking me for granted, and could care less about my business.)

You don't carry a full line.  (Why don't you surprise me with something new and exciting)?

I'm not interested at this time.  (I am always interested in someone showing me how to make more profit.)

Business is down.  (Why don't you show me how to pick it up?)

Your prospects are bored, tired of the same thing over and over again, and looking for some excitement.

Why don't you be the one to fill that need?  Get excited about your products and services and "make their day!" by making the call.